Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chemtrails Connected to Illness by New Zealand Government

New Zealand Government Connects Chemtrails to Illnesses

New Zealand Government Connects Chemtrails to Illnesses
Las Vegas Gridlike Chemtrails
According to an article in, the formation of chemtrails allegedly originate from aerosols which do not disappear like the usual vapour contrails which dissapate after a  short time.  Chemtrails form into clouds that remain in the sky for hours and are often in patterns like ‘X’ and ‘V’ formations as well as checkerboard grid patterns.
The evidence which has been collected for the last ten years may suggest that chemtrails have many purposes some of which include geoengineering, weather modification, and perhaps military uses.  To accomplish this they use elements such as aluminum and barium which are detrimental to the environment, water, and life.  According to Clare Swinney at the chemtrails contain spontaneously reproducing nanotubes which cause Morgellon’s disease and according to the research of Clifford Carnicom have affected everyone.
According to the correspondence between the concerned citizen and a member of New Zealand parliament the trail he saw could likely have been from a passenger plane which allegedly have been seen spreading contrails in New Zealand and other parts of the planet.  The citizen also mentioned a Nexus magazine article in which emergency rooms had been ‘inundated with flu-like cases’ after a chemtrail spraying.  In London contrails leaving cobweb-like residue falling from the sky may be linked to elderly catching fatal cases of pneumonia.
According to the article in ten days after a chemtrail spraying a sudden surge in respitory-related illnesses including asthma and pneumonia were reported in the New Zealand Herald on June 3rd, 1999.
Amidst recently declassified documents released by the New Zealand government were correspondences from an inquiring citizen who believed that there would be an increase in illness after they saw a persistent jet contrail in the sky which is also known as a “chemtrail.”
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