Monday, August 17, 2009

Email Spam is Not Nugatory!

Third-party groups and their online petitions might not be the only reason people across the country received unsolicited e-mails from the White House, even though that's the explanation given by the administration.

The White House told FOX News that third-party groups sending online petitions to the official administration Web site could be to blame for a rash of e-mails that have gone out to people who never requested them. The theory is that these groups are including the names and e-mails of members and petition-signers along with the petitions themselves, in turn embedding those e-mails into the White House distribution list.

I'm sure this will be used by Obama's administration to describe this burning email situation...
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The White House has already taken steps to add filters to its site in a bid to reduce the number of people who are receiving these e-mails.

But online petitions are not the only culprit, and critics say the White House still has some explaining to do.

Several people who received the White House e-mails have told FOX News they're not members of any organization and have not been advocating for any cause. And they're puzzled over how the White House got their information.

"I find it very disturbing and a little scary to say the least," said Sarah Griffith, who got a widely circulated e-mail on health care reform from senior adviser David Axelrod last week. "I have no idea how they got my e-mail address, and they have it."

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