Tuesday, May 19, 2009

California. Mass Migration East?

Could there be a new migration?

We all know about California's budget shortfall. The question remains...Are California legislators going to have to beg Washington to give them the emergency money they need to survive or is California going to fall off the face of the map because of the mass exodus due to exhorbitantly high taxes and a complete cut-off in social services?

Governor Schwarzenegger is headed to Washington today to meet regarding the budget shortfall. This, because the propositions that are meant to help with that shortfall are going to fail, all except one. Therefore, the Governor needs to see if the representatives in Washington can get waivers because California won't meet some of the federal standards needed to get federal money back. So, potentially, California could lose more money than it will by not passing these ballot propositions.

"California faces a financial meltdown unseen in the history of the United States for any state." -- Devon Nunes (R), California Congressman

If the propositions don't pass and the state is unable to obtain any money from the federal system, California will have to get the money by making major cuts in other areas. Some of these cuts will likely be made to social services, teachers, fire fighter jobs, and across the board. They are already the highest taxed state in the United States, so they find themselves in quite a kunundrum.

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