Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bye Bye Truce!

North Korea says it will no longer agree to the truce of 1953. Defiant leaders are threatening a strike on its neighbor, South Korea. This includes a strike on the U.S. Forces stationed in South Korea.

“Those who have provoked the North will face unimaginable, merciless punishment.”

Are the nuclear and missile tests leading up to a substantial military strike? Here is a summary of the shear numbers they possess in military troops.

North Korean Military
950,000 Active
600,000 Reserves
1,550,000 Total

“It threatens to return us to a state of war on the Korean peninsula by declaring null and void the truce that ended the 1953 Korean War.” – James Rosen, Fox News.

Do you really think sanctions are going to do anything to this rogue country that has been preparing its military might, almost from the beginning of time? Time to up the PSI effort! The United States Military doesn’t need to be stretched any more thinly!

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