Friday, April 3, 2009

Noticing the Positive.

It seems like world stress is rising sharply. And why not? Why do government officials continue to hammer the worse possible case scenarios? Why does it seem like everything is in crisis mode? Don't the officials know that through media their attitude of crisis will get blown into an even worse situation, including the emotional instability of the country, and for that matter, the world?

Why continue to bog the world down with attitudes that the crisis is only going to get matter which crisis they are discussing (economic, North Korean Missile, etc.).

Let's start to build the country up with stories about the good that is going on. Don't you agree that by building-up the country the instability might turn to stability? It's time to get off of this emotional roller coaster!

What's good in the world today? Here are a few things that should bring hope to everyone.

As the economy tightens, volunteerism is on the rise...people are willing to help those in need. Which state is number one in the United States for volunteerism? Utah!

Rankings for Utah

■Volunteer Rate Ranking: 1st within the 50 states and Washington D.C.

■Average Volunteer Rate: 43.9%

■Volunteer Hours Ranking: 1st within the 50 states and Washington D.C.

■Average Volunteer Hours per Resident: 81.3 hours

Volunteer Information

Another positive...

Have you watched children play lately? Have you noticed how they, no matter their situation, find a way to use their imagination, to smile, to enjoy life? We could all take a lesson from children! Laugh, smile, use your imagination!

Plus, the sun came up today! Amazing...that is a great thing! The world cannot be all that bad!

Take a moment today to find something positive, recognize it, enjoy it, and's good for you.

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