Friday, December 12, 2008

Is the Auto Bailout Consitutional?

Is the auto bailout, or any other Federal bailout constitutional?

Ron Paul regarding the auto bailout. "If one were to look for guidance in the constitution, there's no evidence that we have the authority to take funds from one group of Americans and transfer it to another group who happen to need something."

Obama on the constitution. The U.S. Consitution had deep flaws that continue today.

Obama. The U.S. Constitution does not address the redistribution of wealth and what the Federal Government can do on your behalf. He says that it's a tragedy the constitution wasn't radically reinterpreted to force redistribution of wealth for African Americans and that it is still and issue today.

We see that the redistribution of wealth is currently under way with the bailouts, regardless of the stalled status of the auto bailout. Eventually, even if it is following Bush leaving the White House, the bailout will happen for a plethora of other industries based on what Obama has stated in the past and on the Democratic leadership in Washington D.C.. Notice the change from capitalism that is currently underway. Capitalism is deteriorating. The more the government is involved, the less freedom we have, the less motivation we have, the less capitalism we have. Socialism is not America. We are on the road to nationalization.

If some specific companies get special treatment through a bailout, won't it make the playing field uneven?

Are these bailouts constitional? Is there going to be an end to these bailouts? These are issues that need to be addressed since our American tax dollars are funding these "bailouts". Transparency is the answer. Transparency will likely never happen.

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