Monday, December 1, 2008

Free Capitalism. An American Constitutional Foundation.

Here is a great organization that I was invited to be involved in on Facebook. This is what the United States of America is all about.

"Global Free Capitalist Project

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Description: The spirit of the American way and the timeless ideals of liberty form the core of the FreeCapitalist Project™ and cultivate a spirit of hope, faith, optimism, and prosperity among its members.

“The world crisis of today is a moral crisis – and nothing less than a moral revolution can resolve it; a moral revolution to sanction and complete the political achievement of the American Revolution.” – Ayn Rand


The mission of the FreeCapitalist Project is to advance freedom and prosperity through civic service, ushering forth a moral revolution to sanction and complete the political achievement of the American Revolution.


‘The fostering of full economic freedom lies at the base of our liberties.’ A person or a society locked in serious financial bondage ultimately loses all other freedoms. Accordingly, it will take a free people to ensure the survival and ultimate healing of our republic; and to become free, a large, statistically significant segment of the population must learn how to act upon those ancient principles of prosperity rediscovered by America’s Founders. These individuals must become producers in mind and in deed so that as they become economically free they can successfully advocate principle-based solutions in their own lives, in their families, and in their communities. ‘Only in perpetuating economic freedom can our social, political and religious liberties be preserved…’

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Here is more about the project from the website.

"The FreeCapitalist Project is a non-partisan, civic service organization, made up of a private formal membership consisting of adult men and women committed to the cause of liberty, founded on an informed and educated citizenry, advocating the moral, philosophical principles of capitalism. With the largest numbers of its membership concentrated primarily in the western United States, but with members and pledges in all fifty of the United States and in many countries across the globe, members are private citizens, students, workers, entrepreneurs, business owners and public officials who are committed to the values and mission of the Project...

A defining characteristic of the Project is its steadfast commitment to assisting individuals in their own personal efforts to live a principle-centered life, established upon a sound economic foundation, as a necessary prerequisite to meaningful citizenship."

Doesn't this go back to the importance of economic transparency, "stimulus packages" (or bailouts), and debt equaling slavery.

"If you expect people to be ignorant and free, you expect what never was and never will be."
--Thomas Jefferson

So, here is a definition of capitalism:

"cap·i·tal·ism [ káppit'l ìzzəm ]



free-market system: an economic system based on the private ownership of the means of production and distribution of goods, characterized by a free competitive market and motivation by profit" -- Encarta Dictionary

With our current economic issues and the government stepping in to intervene at every single drop of a hat, aren't we moving away from the capitalist virtues we all hold dear?

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