Saturday, November 29, 2008

Where is the economic transparency?

"'With arrears forecast to increase over 2009, it is essential that all lenders ensure that their arrears and repossession policies treat customers fairly.'

'Borrowers facing difficulty deserve to know that their lenders have the right measures in place to treat them fairly and try to help them keep their homes wherever this is an achievable outcome.'

These two statements were official and placed in the

"Mortgage lenders were warned today to treat customers in arrears fairly or face action, as 45,000 people are expected to lose their homes by the end of the year."

Wouldn't it have been prudent that the mortgage companies, lenders, and all other organizations tied-up in this mess might have thought of treating each case as special (not, one-size-fits-all) before this melt-down? If that would have happened, much of the mess would have been avoided.

Do these companies really have to be told to "treat customers in arrears fairly"? I guess they are that stupid, since they are the ones that got us in this mess in the first place.

Isn't there some way that a compromise can be met? I mean, I am sure that there are those who are really having a tough time. There are consumers who have lost their jobs and have not been able to make ends meet. And then, there are those who bought the big house, the new cars, the new furniture, and spent double or even triple their income. And now they are going to ask for money or leniency.

And what about those of us who have been paying our mortgage? What about those of us who have not purchased new cars, new furniture, and are paying our bills on time? Should we just stop doing that so that we can get an equal hand-out?

Where is the motivation to succeed if you can just buy anything and have the government (or, in other words, the U.S. taxpayer) pay for it?

I believe that the general population would like to see the economy issues solved in a fair, motivational, growth-inspiring way. Wouldn't you like to see the details of rules they have created for the bailout so that you know where your money is going? Where is the U.S. economic transparency that needs to be in place for the use of our taxpayer dollars?

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