Thursday, August 21, 2008

Give Time. Show Love.

I have not written a post in quite a few days. I have become quite busy with school beginning and my complete immersion in my community affairs. Quite a total difference from having been chronically ill with Lyme disease for at least 8 years. Life is truly amazing and I love everything I am now able to become involved in.

Since I have been gaining health stamina over the past few months, I have chosen a path which requires giving much of my time to community volunteerism. One lesson I have learned from this involvement is that it is therapy in and of itself. It takes you away from your small worries and allows you to become aware and helpful in solving the larger concerns. It takes you from the "cave" or small amount of living (on survival mode) while ill to seeing a grand picture in which you can make a difference and take part in the "thing" called "life".

"When you show love, you are showing God to the world." --Joel Osteen, "Become A Better You"

"Learn to be good to people. That's one of the best witnesses we can possibly have...The world does not need to hear another sermon nearly as much as it needs to see one. Learn to give your time, your money, and encouraging word; meet a need. When you show love, you are showing God to the world.

"Don't worry about if you don't get credit...When you let somebody in traffic in front of you, you many never see that person again. When you give somebody twenty dollars simply because you felt compassion in your heart, you may never hear back from them. That's okay; God is keeping the records. He sees every act of kindness you show. He sees every time you are good to somebody. He hears every encouraging word you speak. God has seen all the times you went out of your way to help somebody who never said thank you. Your good deeds do not go unnoticed by Almighty God."

Joel Osteen explains in his book that giving and being kind to others helps you. That is not being selfish. That is reaping the rewards of the seeds you have sown. Life is amazing and should never be taken for granted. We all live on this earth for such a short time. What will you do for someone today?

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