Friday, December 7, 2007

Romney & "Mormonism", Take Your Own Time To Research Your Personal Concerns

Looking over other's sites regarding reviews of the Mitt Romney speech, I find very few positive reactions that are posted on the blog networking sites and the comments are full of ignorance (if I may be blunt).

Perhaps there are those who would assume that to remain ignorant as to the beliefs of another religion allows them the right to believe the "rumor-mill" that runs rampant, especially regarding religions who hold their faith sacred.

To change the minds of those who feel that need to retain their tunnel vision is a fruitless venture and a frustrating thought. There are so many beautiful and wonderful people in this world of every religion.

Perhaps a review of the speech would be worthy of my blog. I'd like to keep it here just for my benefit, if you don't mind. I thought it was well thought out, beautifully spoken, and emotional for Mr. can see that his heart was into every word.

Initially, I'd like to provide the interview prior to the speech. I appreciated this as well.

Romney prior to speech

Here is the speech in full. I appreciate a news network willing to show the complete speech on their site.

Romney Speech on Religion

Now, for those who appreciate the speech in print, here is a copy of the transcript according to

Romney Speech Transcript

The comments on the transcript site were very supportive, as they should have been. As I stated earlier, the stories regarding the speech that were submitted on the article networking sites, for the most part, were negative, anti-mormon related in either content or comments.

Everyone has their own opinion. However, if you read closely, most of those opinions that are educated will not have the negative connotations and exclaimations that the educated opinion commentator will have, unless they are filled with pure hatred for the religion or the people itself.

Draw your own conclusion. What do you think about the speech? Do you feel that every candidate should answer to their religious beliefs?


stanaxe said...

This is only my opinion as a South African my comment would have no bearing in the matter.
Having said that I believe all office bearers should be candid and clear on their religion, because if they are ashamed or scared of it, that act alone tells you the office bearer will not have the courage to take a decisive stand on other issues. He should not be elected because he is of any particular belief, it is his democratic right to follow that belief, the same democratic right practised by you, I too have that right in South Africa, I have friends who are Mormons, I might not agree with them on certain points, and vice versa it is the same diversity which helps us examine the ground on which we stand, which strengthens our very foundation. Jimmy Carter if memory serves me was a Baptist, he made no secret of it.
Natasha, if you have a chance pay me a visit.
thanks Stan

groovsmyth said...

Pertaining to religion and the elections: Contrary to the PERVERSE INTERPRETATION of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which seeks to keep all religious discussion separate from politics, it is the moral fiber of people who take their beliefs in a Higher Power seriously that make our nation great. In this regard, I agree totally with what stanaxe has just said.

Alan Keyes, who also seeks the Republican nomination, couches his whole platform in his belief of the Creator God. It issues with practically every utterance, in every speech. He is true to his own record, consistently serving as a Statesman bringing his world view as a Christian to bear on his decisions in prior public service. This does not make him a theocrat who wishes to convert the nation to adopt his religion as a state-established religion. That is the true meaning of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.

On the other hand, Romney is suspect, because he has been inconsistent in the values he has espoused over the years. This begs the question: Is Romney pandering for votes?

By saying this, I am not attacking Romney or Mormonism. I am simply asking that we consider the record, and that gives insight to what we can expect from this person in the future. Would you rather have a Statesman representing you, or a Politician?

We CAN love the person without accepting her/his belief system. Every DEVOUT follower of every religion, by definition, believes tenets that contradict every other devout believer of conflicting religions. This country was founded on RELIGIOUS FREEDOM, and that means freedom from PERSECUTION or COERCION, not the STIFLING OF ALL RELIGIOUS SPEECH.

I invite you to support Alan Keyes because he believes as the Founding Fathers did, in the UNALIENABLE RIGHTS given by God as stated in our country's COVENANT DOCUMENT, The Declaration of Independence. Abortion cannot be a right because it removes the pre-born's unalienable right to life which is guaranteed by God but also declared in our form of government.

Bring em Young said...

He doesn't have my vote thats for sure!

As wacky and goofy as regular christianity is, the mormon religion is off the charts!

It's tough enough believing in one god let alone a doctrine of pluarilty of them. Baptism by proxy, secret oaths and handshakes, it's all too much.

The holes in the canon of scipture in the mormon faith are huge. The book of Abraham still keeps me laughing!

josh said...

everyone is given the freedom of choice. "bring 'em young" unfortunately has chosen ignorance. good times eh.

Duck said...

So, does Romney still believe that the black skin is the curse that was placed on Caine of the Old Testament (thus, until 1978 or 1979, Blacks could not go to the Mormon temple because they could not hold the priesthood)? Does he believe that the American Indians are the Lamanites of the Book of Mormon, even though DNA has proved otherwise? Does he believe his temple garments give him physical protection because of his priesthood? If he believes these, and the many other fairy tales, of Mormonism, will he believe in fairy tales as the President (e.g., WMDs that don't exist).

busheyfool said...

It is a sure disaster to allow religious preference of any kind enter the political arena. People need to munch down their wafers in the privacy of their church. This fundamentalist gibberish is every bit as scary as the stuff we see floating down the Euphrates.

Al said...

I think it's funny that people can say something like "some religion is crazy, but mormons believe in angels and plates and temples and the what not!"

I think mainstream christianity, any who accept the bible, accept that donkeys can talk, there are heavenly chariots riding around earth, a man can go to heaven in a tornado, baby are conceived without a father, incest to further a people, polygamy, oaths, holy wars, and so on and so on. After reading the bible, and swallowing that for religion, throwing an angel with plates just doesn't throw me that much.

josh said...

whoa al, you're speaking like someone who doesn't have an agenda.

Anonymous said...

This is the greatest country on earth. We could be the greatest country ever but we have so much ignorance around us. Every election just reminds me of why most people don't vote. Too many ignorant people think they know and vote.
I just feel some of these people are really wondering where Mitts horns are! As Leader of this country, your religion is important because it gives us a measure in which to study and weigh the candidate. To withhold that information is a test of character. However, in acting as our leader, it will be neccessary to accept the will of the people and fight for what we want. Mitt personally has honored his morals but yet carried out policies that differ from his personal beliefs because it was the will of the people. Lets get real. No one person can fix us. Lets get someone who realizes that and move on. through Bush, Clinton and Bush (sorry to date myself but these were the presidents I can speak intelligently enough about because I was old enough to understand the issues) our biggest problems still remain: Health Care, Social Security, welfare and Education. 20 years and still complaining about those issues. lets pick one and work on it the next four years. If the candidates focused like that, I would vote for the candidate I felt could fix Education the best. we waste so much time with smoke and mirrors. Whats really important?
I say you and me being happy and productive! So if some people want to be members of some crazy religion, as long as they don't violate my rights, then rock on!! and enjoy! Besides Mormons are going to outlive us anyway!!

Anonymous said...

Mormons,Moslems,Hindus,Catholics and others are prime examples of why I believe sentient life always extinquishes itself and thus the reason why SETI (search for extraterrestial intelligence) never picks up signals of life.
I don't "blame" these religions, they are just part of a process of natural selection to multiply to survive as much as Darwin's finches.
Ok, here's the reasoning: All sentient beings face a photo finish of space travel and nuclear war. A war is almost always the case because planetary resources are limited given population grows faster than technology. Global warming would not be an issue today if only 2 billion humans were alive. Religions invariable say to "bear fruit and multiply". By it's very nature a religion is not apt to change and it will likely be too late for our species.
An example is Mexico, which has lots of oil and 2 oceans. If family planning had leveled population growth in the 1960's most Mexicans would have a reasonably good life today. Yet talk show host O'Reilly will talk about everything with Vincente Fox EXCEPT family planning being the good Catholic he is. Blame the need for labor, blame the need for jobs, on and on. Don't talk about the root cause of the problem. O'Reilly is very adept at following an old Chinese proverb "Whoever makes the rules wins the game". He always frames the argument so he can win.
Anyway, there is no way I would vote for any Republican, even the most liberal unless the candidate stated a course of absolute separation of religion and state as JFK did. The reason why I always vote Democratic is not that I love Ted Kennedy - I don't, and think he's a slimebag and nothing like JFK. Democrats can be the biggest dumb-asses and sure as bears do whatever in the woods I would want a gun to protect my family if the occasion called for it. The reason I vote Democrat is that God was not mentioned in the U.S. Constitution for a reason that Democrats seem to remember better than Republicans.
How easy is it to forget that Germany's worse war was over religion. Half it's people died during the 30 Years War. But as Adolf Hitler would say "Oh how lucky leaders are that men don't think".

Anonymous said...

Can you say that these are more rational views?


Romney's Mormonism: It's Not About Religion -- It's About Ethics and Behavior

Tormak said...

Unfortunately Duck seems to have confused the speculations/cultural mythology of some for the doctrines of all. Ignorance indeed.

1000 Needles said...

It is sad that this is such a big deal. I can't believe the religious groups in this country. Not only do most of them not know a damn thing about politics, they are the largest voting block.

Anonymous said...

To "Duck" : So are you saying that people who believe "there's an invisible man living in the clouds. . ." (basically every person of just about every religion on the planet) is just as off the deep end? Is Athiesm the only "rational" belief in your eyes? (And speaking of whacked ideas try getting a rational explanation of the "Trinity")

Anonymous said...

The Mormon church has a long history of "double dealing" with non-Mormons and of Lying about their goals.
(If religion should "play no part"in the debate, perhaps you would be in favor of aa militant Muslim in the White House).
The "prophet", in Utah speaks for God, and all Mormons must comply. You must know this.