Saturday, December 1, 2007

Fire Alarms Throughout Your Home...Not Enough! Must Watch!!

As you will see from this video, you must have regular preparedness drills for fire safety and other emergencies.

Preparedness is an issue that deals not only with food storage and water storage, but with learning and training for all emergencies. This is not something that you are hearing about from political candidates, or from the major media outlets. We are lucky to have this video.

Spread this information as it is important to all families...all be aware of things that work and things that need working on to protect each other.

Life is precious. Spread the word.

Have a great Saturday Night.


Denise 'Money Making Machine" Maine said...

I want to know the percentage of times perons with guns use them to protect their families. Then compare that number to the percentage a family member is injured by a gun in the home.


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Martha said...

It's not only important to have enough Fire Alarms but to also regularly check them (a good way of doing this in Europe is when the clocks are changed back and forth). Thanks for sharing this message.