Friday, May 20, 2016

Obama Transgender Blackmail Decree

Everyone on the planet now knows that Obama overreached his office by sending out a decree that...well you know now that it was basically blackmailing the public education facilities that the federal moneys would be withheld if those directed in the decree didn't comply.  Ever wonder what the motive of this is.  I mean, it is a huge push for a very small part of the population that has need of mental attention before they need a bathroom for their identified gender.

Here is what my theory is.  You can say I don't have a clue, but be careful what you say.

Michelle Obama is a man...a transgender male...a male who is identifying as a female, as the First Lady. I mean no disrespect.  Just an observation that didn't just start with myself.

Watch my block get blacklisted...I don't care.  I am a person of truth and light and I see things and must report.

Here are observations that I have found online that are similar to my own. Think about it and then think of the decree.

One other thing to think about is...where are the pictures of Mrs. Obama being pregnant? What about baby pictures of her? I know a doctored birth certificate is out there that shows her name as Michelle when she was born, but it clearly is doctored.

Time to be ready. Big things are on their way.

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