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Doom. Wedding. Numerology. Mayan Calendar. Day of Prayer and Meditation. 12-12-12

12/12/12, December Solstice and the Sentient Earth 2012

Nature-lovers have an intimate relationship with Earth and understand the mutual partnership with our planet. The concept that Earth, like all planets, is a conscious, sentient entity may be more difficult to grasp. 

Indigenous peoples, environmentalists and some religions have always known and revered Mother Earth and Father Sky and live lightly on her surface. Ditto for “whisperers” and others who have special relationships and great love for animals, plants and rocks. 

Earth’s ancient name Gaia is now familiar. Other planets in our universe have ancient names as well, indicating old knowledge of planetary consciousness until they were renamed. 

Everything is changing now, more rapidly every day. Humanity is in the most important time of its existence. The month of December 2012 marks two tipping points: 

For the planet and all non-human inhabitants, the evolutionary gate/stargate to higher spiritual/vibrational levels is 12/12/12 at 12:12 p.m. This is a pivotal moment marked by global meditations and celebration, the real “Earth Day”! Have lunch outside! Watch your pets! Hug a tree! Appreciate a flower, a leaf, a blade of grass, a yard, a park, a stream, a mountain, a vista! 

The gateway for humans, the upcoming solstice (shortest day of the year)—12/21/12 at 6:14 a.m.–marks an unbelievable planetary and galactic alignment that occurs only once every 186 million years! This alignment permits a massive influx of benevolent energies which in the past have not been able to reach us. The cosmos and God in many forms—spirits, angels, time travelers, interdimensionals, humans—will at last be able to visit en masse.

The significance of the solstice, 12/21 at 6:14 a.m., is not the end of the planet but the end of business as usual, the end of reign and tyranny of our controllers, the end of Old School, the end of all we “know”, and the emergence of a New Earth and a New Society.

Earth changes—drought, flood, earthquakes and tsunamis, tornadoes and other severe weather—are occurring for two main reasons: 

The first is that hurricanes, blizzards and the jet stream certainly are being steered and triggered by HAARP—the high altitude auroral research project—based in Gakona AL but active in installations all over the globe. This incredible technology is an ionospheric heater that can cause illness and destruction to one person, one submarine or airplane, or a wide area. It is also used in mind control and other applications. 

A second technology, activated after World War II in Russia, is scalar technology, harnessing energy from the “void” to create massive weapons. This same technology will soon provide us with clean, zero-point energy, and fossil fuels will be delegated to the past. The second aspect of these changes is a cleansing for the planet itself and its atmosphere to help get rid of near-fatal pollution. From a metaphysical/spiritual viewpoint, our beautiful Earth has come within a hair of total destruction, and our controllers would have us believe that the winter solstice marks the end of the physical world (as has happened 4 times before) in a great cataclysm/apocalypse of fire and water to usher in the Second Coming. 

The real Battle of the Gods is underway! Our globalist controllers want to consolidate their New World Order to kill or control us all. They plan to annihilate 80% of us with disasters—not only earth changes but lethal epidemics, ongoing foreign wars, fascist military declarations (including trains to FEMA camps and crematoria) and civil wars everywhere (including yes, in the USA!). 

Global warming, for example, has not been created by common folk at all but is a cyclical phenomenon also experienced by our neighboring planets. It has been made worse, much worse, by nuclear testing, rocket launchings, and daily stealth bomber launchings to control local weather. These events have torn massive holes in the ozone layer and ionosphere. (Think we’re responsible? Find out about the USA’s secret space program and weather control!) 

Counteracting our controllers are GOD/LOVE and a host of benevolent spirits/ETs/angels who have not been able to interact freely with Gaia and her inhabitants for all of our known history. Certainly there has been contact and miracles with individuals and small groups but not with all of us at once. These friends of humanity are incredible magicians at making lemonade: earth changes are being mitigated or prevented; miracles abound; toxic radiation is being neutralized; nourishment for our physical bodies is still possible for some but soon will be global. With intuitive/spiritual guidance, human “mystics” and “witches,” are leading the way and many others are following, “walking the talk,” and “being the change.” 

The Battle of the Gods is being won human heart by human heart. Living in the moment, hearing and obeying our own intuitive guidance, appreciating beauty and love everywhere and in everyone, feeling love/praise/gratitude with every step, selecting compassion and generosity over control and greed is our work. Every choice is based on love rather than fear. 

We are beginning to see (especially in children and young people) attitudes of love, compassion and gratitude which will “go viral” and affect everyone. Each of us participates in creating the New Earth, with all its inhabitants, by living in the moment, seeing beauty everywhere, following our intuition, and being grateful, aware and loving. 

12/12/12: Why Today Is Tied to Doom

A seemingly benign number that defines everything from a dozen eggs and the hours of day and night to the days of Christmas and the astrological signs, 12 may be in the spotlight today, 12/12/12.
This date structure, in which the same two-digit number gets repeated three times, won't happen again until 2112, according to the Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP).
But does the triple dose of 12 hold any meaning? Depends on whom you ask, but in Hong Kong and Singapore, couples are crowding the aisles for a chance to tie the knot on a day they say symbolizes love, according to news outlets. Las Vegas is also abuzz with nuptials, according to CNN, which also reported an Indian numerologist saying today is a great day to start a new business venture. Making the rounds online, a boy who will turn 12 today at 12:12 p.m. in Bronxville, N.Y., suggests we're all a bit "number crazy."
Doom isn't far behind the celebrations. While most believers in the Mayan apocalypse think the end of the world will come on Dec. 21, 2012, apparently some have interpreted the end of the Maya Long Count calendar differently, pinpointing Dec. 12, 2012, as a day of reckoning. (There is no evidence to suggest the Mayans predicted the end of their calendar to mean the end of the world.)
Turning doomsday on its head, the ASP has coined today "Anti-Doomsday."
"While many pundits and prognosticators lament the supposed end of the world on December 21, 2012 (thanks to misinterpreting Mayan predictions), here at the ASP we encourage everyone to go in the opposite – and accurate – direction. Thus, we are declaring December 12, 2012 as Anti-Doomsday Day in celebration of rational thinking and reasoned discourse," according to an ASP statement. [End of the World? Top Doomsday Fears]
And if one were to tie any significance to today, and numerology in general, the ASP reminds us of plenty of auspicious associations with the number 12: the months in a year on contemporary calendars; 12 traditional zodiac signs; 12 Olympic gods and goddesses in Greek mythology; and 12 bottles of wine in a case. In Christian belief, Jesus had 12 apostles.
Then there's Mars, which is 12 light-minutes from the sun, and Jupiter, which takes 12 years to orbit the sun, according to the ASP.
The most recent triple-digit setup like today's occurred on Nov. 11, 2011 (11/11/11), another day some associated with Mayan doom. That day most likely became linked with Dec. 21, 2012, when believers noticed that the U.S. Naval Observatory had set the exact time of the 2012 winter solstice — when Earth's tilt is angled at its farthest from the sun — for 11:11 Universal Time on Dec. 21, John Hoopes, a scholar of Maya history at the University of Kansas, told LiveScience last year. (The Observatory now lists the official time for the winter solstice at 11:12 Universal Time.)
While the meaning behind numbers, called numerology, has yet to be grounded in science, humanity seems hard-wired to find such numerical associations.
"Cognitive scientists have demonstrated that our brains are hard-wired to look for meaningful patterns in the sensory data it collects from the world," said Alan Lenzi, professor of religious studies at University of the Pacific. "Numbers that are already significant to us, such as calendar dates, that also coincidentally fall into an obvious pattern become doubly significant," Lenzi told LiveScience in 2011, speaking about 1/11/11.
Lenzi added, "Given the propensity for people to look for significance in particular days and times (e.g. the "end of the world"), patterns are easily imbued with imaginative meaning," Lenzi said.
And patterns tend to stick in our heads — you're more likely to remember a birthday that's on 11/11, 12/12, or 10/10, than one on 12/5, for instance. The same would be the case for various times of the day. "People are more likely to remember 11:11 than they are, say, 4:29 or 6:53 or 3:17 or something like that," Hoopes said.

12/12/12 Numerology

For years people have been fixated on the date December 21, 2012, because of its connections to the end of the Mayan calendar and, to some, the predicted date of the end of the world. But, in Numerology, just as important is the repeating date December 12, 2012, or 12/12/12.
Right off the bat 12/12/12 is an interesting date, solely because of its repetition of the number 12. This repeating date is an annual pattern we've experienced for the last 12 years -- since 1/1/01, to be exact. But a 13th month does not exist, and so next year -- and until January 1, 2101, in fact -- we will not experience another of these repeating dates. After 12/12/12, it will not happen again for another 89 years.
Even more importantly, the numbers that make up the date 12/12/2012, plus the numbers derived through Numerology calculations, are the exact same numbers as those in the widely-known date 12/21/2012. The numbers in both dates add to 11, and the Pinnacle numbers and Challenge numbers are exactly the same for each date. In both dates, almost every Challenge number (the numbers that suggest difficulties) is 2. So what do these numbers combine to mean?
In Hans Decoz' 2012 Numerology article, in which he analyzes the date 12/21/2012, he says: "The sum total of 11 ... combined with a Second, Main, and Fourth Challenge of 2 is what makes this date particularly promising. Not only does it reflect that the level of sensitivity and insight into all matters of the heart is sky-high, but the 2 Challenges also create a vacuum that needs to be filled with a sense of love and brotherhood. It's the perfect storm of brotherly love and individual awareness. It is a Bringer of Peace."

12-12-12 Worldwide Event- The End of the World??

"What is the year 2012 Mayan prophecy?"

Answer: Meso-American star charting started around 680 B.C. by the Olmec civilization who were recording astrological patterns in the sky and eventually shared this information with the Mayans. The Mayans had a long history of tracking the winter solstice (probably for planting crops) and creating calendars (at least 17 that we know of). At some point, they developed the belief that our sun is a god and that the Milky Way, called the “Sacred Tree,” was a gateway to the afterlife. After learning from the Olmecs, they began keeping records of the stars’ patterns of movement and continued to do so for the next 200-300 years. The Mayans then developed their own calendar (The Long Count) ca. 355 B.C. They were able to use their observations and mathematical prowess to calculate the future movements of stars across the sky. The result was that the Mayans discovered the effect of the earth’s wobbling as it spins on its axis. This wobbling rotation causes the stars’ patterns of movement to drift gradually in the sky (called “precession”) in a 5,125-year cycle. The Mayans also discovered that once every cycle the dark band at the center of the Milky Way (called the Galactic Equator) intersects with the Elliptical (the plane of the sun’s movement across the sky).

[This image - enlarge - shows a view from the earth of the sun crossing the galactic equator]
During that year, the sun reaches its solstice (a brief moment when the sun’s position in the sky is at its greatest angular distance on the other side of the equatorial plane from the observer) on December 21 for the Northern Hemisphere and June 21 for the Southern Hemisphere. That year, the solstice occurs at the moment of the conjunction of the Galactic Equator with the Milky Way. The year this occurs (in relation to our Gregorian calendar) is A.D. 2012, and happened last on August 11, 3114 B.C. With Mayan mythology teaching that our sun is a god and the Milky Way is the gateway to life and death, the Mayans concluded that this intersection in the past must have been the moment of creation. Mayan hieroglyphs seem to indicate that they believed the next intersection in 2012 would be some sort of end and a new beginning of a cycle....
(more to the story here)...

New Version of the Coin
Unfortunately this event has to take place on a week night as a worldwide event I believe that there will be a souvenir designed for 12-12-12.  There should be be ample parking in the compound for all if not most vehicles, I might even have the option of putting on a minibus to run between the event and Polmont railway station (TBC). For security reasons I will have to have a Nominal Role of all attending the event.

12/12/12: The Twin Flame In Day-To-Day Life

So the very special and significant numerological date 12/12/12 comes upon us. To me, as someone who reads synchronicity as a way of life, numerology is very important. It symbolizes the interconnectivity of life: apparently random acts happening in concert. I read numbers but feel the impact in my knowing being. During the build up to 12/12/12, synchronistically I’m having an amazing Twin Flame experience: souls that notionally divide into two,and are then experienced through the ‘holy trinity’ – the ‘father’, the ‘son’ and the ‘holy ghost’. And it feels doubly significant at these times of planetary transition… 
An eternal affinity 
As we’ve written about before here on Openhandweb, when a soul comes into being, it notionally subdivides into two. One part stays close to the source, the other incarnates. To the incarnated partner, the Twin Flame is the polarity constantly whispering in your ear, singing into the depths of your heart, reminding you of who you are, why you are here and guiding you home. 
There will never be a love more powerful than the Twin Flame. It’s the ‘other part of you’, the completion of the whole eternally romancing you through the apparent universe of separation.
Your Twin Flame has an eternal affinity with you. No one will ever know you as well. No other soul outside of this heavenly interplay will ever understand you in the way your Twin Flame does, no one can empathize that deeply, not another soul can cause you to melt into your own being in the same way. 
Yet here’s the heavenly paradox – our ‘purpose’ is to experience this infinite sense of unity THROUGH the separation. Otherwise the pull back to unity would be so strong and so rapid the universe would disappear for you in an instant. The apparent separation would no longer exist, the relativity no longer relative – duality would instantly disappear as two lovers drawn passionately into one another and melting into one. It is the dance of separation that makes life complete.
PhotobucketIn and through all things 

So one’s Twin Flame expresses in and through all things. She’s ‘tempting’ you into the chaos and disorder, to make sense of it. He’s alluring you into the deepest intimate love affair with another soul, yet inviting you to always taste and remember unity with your very own self. 

It takes the internal sense of completeness to experience the Twin Flame in day-to-day life, but that is where ‘he’ is to be found. She is out there, hiding beyond every smile, through ever twinkle of a shining eye, in the melody of the bird’s dawn call, in the rustling sound of autumn leaves crushed tenderly under foot. 
Have you begun experiencing this yet? How might we begin? It’s all about being thoroughly in the experience of separation but not of it. Beware all you “non-dualists” out there, you simply don’t get this experience at all if you’re denying the separation – the raptuous relativity – between one thing and another.
You have to be totally immersed in life, not resisting a drop of it – the pleasure the pain, the joy and the tears. It’s not about denying one tiny morsel of this human experience. And it’s as this divine poetry plays out that the Twin Flame rises from the page of life. 

PhotobucketThe infinite cycle 

So how would you like to take part in the greatest romance of your life? Just take a moment out of your busy day. Reflect on the greatest loving partner experiences of your life. Recall the images, let the feelings well up within. 

Maybe you’re still together and it’s changed now. Or maybe that romance has long ended. It matters not – feel the feelings, drop deeply into the sensations, let the dream wash through you. 

Then let the dream flow outwards into the moment, into images, people, situations, into mother nature. Keep energising the flow, sending it out into everything you see and touch. Give your love to the swirling skies, to the flowing streams, the rustling wind, but then….. 
“take that love back inside yourself”
Feel the infinite circle of the figure 8 complete itself within you. In the beginning, in some circumstances it will be easy, in others it will be hard. I can be hardest when you’re deeply in love with another, when they carry the closest vibration to your Twin Flame: the soul mate experience is so easily confused, because there’s so much yearning to dive deeply into the joy of this heavenly separation. It’s almost as difficult when another is carrying the polar opposite of your vibration. They are so different, so dissonant, that they can irritate you with everything they do, every word and nuance uttered by them seems to tweak those deep inner buttons. Yet even this offers a powerful Twin Fame experience – if you can find your completeness in the depths of irritation, then you’re being done the greatest favour. 

PhotobucketEternal Flame 

So a 12/12/12 approaches, if you’re not yet having Twin Flame experiences, how about giving some energy to it? How about daring not to be owned by the drama at all? Instead, how about looking deeply and intently through all experience and finding that joyful part of yourself that may have been lost? 

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