Sunday, February 3, 2013

UPDATED: 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge by Creative Bioscience

update: So far 3 lbs per week and much less craving for sugar and/or soda.  Instead, I crave more water.  Doing great!  Feeling great!  ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS!

During my blogging and networking I have been blessed to meet someone who has given me an opportunity to try a product for weight loss and then give you a review about it.  The products that are being tried as a whole are based on a 90 day challenge and are listed here at this link.

I have decided to try the HCG for the trial and then report back on the results.  There will be other products available at that point and I will have a contest for people to try them for themselves.  I am really excited for this challenge because it is one that will start my new year off right.    I have heard that HCG is really powerful for weight loss.

At this age, I don't know about that bikini body, but I sure believe that anything is possible.  I will let you know how it goes.  I won't show the before and after until I have gone through the program.  OH....this is exciting!!!

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