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Blackmail, Jill Kelley, General Petraeus, Paula Broadwell, John Allen and Benghazi

I wonder...was Jill Kelley paid for putting General Petraeus in this precarious situation?

Is it true that Petraeus and Broadwell used 'email trick' during affair? 
  Now the FBI is investigating new emails between Kelley and John Allen, the top U.S. General in Afghanistan.

Is this series of events coordinated so that Petraeus doesn't have to testify in the Benghazi incident or was he blackmailed so that he now has to testify?


SOURCE: Paula Broadwell's Emails Weren't Threatening--Just Catty

jill kelley
Jill Kelley

source of Michael Daly's at the Daily Beast says that the emails that Paula Broadwell sent to Tampa Bay socialite Jill Kelley actually weren't threatening--just catty.
The source, who Daly says recently worked at the highest levels of national intelligence, describes the emails as follows:
“Kind of cat-fight stuff... More like, ‘Who do you think you are? … You parade around the base … You need to take it down a notch.’”
The emails were so unthreatening, in fact, that the FBI had a serious debate about whether they should pursue the case at all.
The reason the FBI did end up pursuing the case, Daly's source suggests, is that one agent was a "friend" of Jill Kelley's.
This agent, we assume, was the one who was eventually taken off the case because he became infatuated with Kelley and sent her a shirtless photo of himself.
So, let's review...
The FBI investigation that unearthed the affair between the director of the CIA and his biographer and ultimately led to the CIA director's resignation and the embarrassment of another general was triggered by anonymous emails that weren't threatening. The country's elite investigative service was summoned and, after reviewing the emails, wondered whether they should pursue an investigation at all. The reason the FBI pursued the investigation might be that the agent in charge of it had a crush on the witness.
We live in interesting times.

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Petraeus and Broadwell used 'email trick' during affair

10:42AM EST November 13. 2012 - CIA Director David Petraeus and his mistress Paula Broadwell took steps to conceal some of their online messages during their affair, the Associated Press reports, citing law enforcement officials.
Petraeus and Broadwell would leave messages in the drafts folder of a shared Gmail account, according to a law enforcement official who spoke to the AP. This trick allowed them to see each others' messages without creating an easily traceable email trail.
From the AP:
"Petraeus and Broadwell apparently used a trick, known to terrorists and teenagers alike, to conceal their email traffic, one of the law enforcement officials said.
Rather than transmitting emails to the other's inbox, they composed at least some messages and instead of transmitting them, left them in a draft folder or in an electronic "dropbox," the official said. Then the other person could log onto the same account and read the draft emails there. This avoids creating an email trail that is easier to trace."
The Washington Post reports that this tactic has been used by al-Qaeda terrorists as far back as 2005.
The Post notes that using draft mode rather than hitting "send" on an email leaves less of an electronic trail. When messages are actually sent, " both accounts record the transmission as well as such metadata as the IP addresses on either end, something the two seemed to be seeking to avoid," the Post notes.
Between 20,000 and 30,000 pages of emails between Petraeus and Broadwell sent from 2010 to 2012 are currently under investigation, according to the AP.

Who is Jill Kelley?

(CBS News) Jill Kelley has been called the other other woman involved in the scandal that led to the resignation of retired CIA director David Petraeus. Kelley received and reported email threats from Paula Broadwell, Petraeus' alleged mistress. The emails prompted the FBI investigation that ultimately brought Petraeus' infidelity to light.
Now, the FBI is investigating new emails between Kelley and John Allen, the top U.S. General in Afghanistan. The Tampa, Florida socialite has three young children with her husband, a prominent cancer surgeon. The couple met Petraeus about five years ago through their charitable work for military families. The couple often attends events at the military's central command center in Tampa.
Kelley is also known to host glamorous bashes of her own but for now, she is staying silent on the scandal. She left her home on Monday, but did not speak to the press. Kelley has hired high-profile attorney Abbe Lowell and crisis manager Judy Smith, who previously represented Monica Lewinsky.
Jill Kelley's brother, David Khawam, spoke out on her behalf this week, "I know who my sister is and I know she's a good mother and a good wife. This is completely uncharacteristic of her to have romantic relationships outside of her marriage."
"The primary thing is that she wants her privacy protected," he added. "I think she'll probably come out and make a statement at one point."

The Real Reason Petraeus Doesn’t Want to Testify

Much speculation has been aroused surrounding Petraeus’s resignation at such an opportune time, just days before he was to testify regarding Benghazi. We still don’t know for sure why he resigned so abruptly, but such scandals are hardly isolated in politics. Instead of asking who all in Washington is involved in scandalous behavior, perhaps an easier question might be, “Who isn’t?” Sure, we don’t hear about all of them; only the ones that the media want us to hear about.

These scandals are used as blackmail tools. As long as everybody or nearly everybody is involved with some kind of scandal, it makes it much easier for the “puppeteer” to control them.

Reports in the mainstream press regarding the Benghazi incident generally amount to how our Consulate was attacked by terrorists, and four Americans died as a result. The liberals say the motive was a video, and the attackers were merely an angry protest mob; the conservatives say that it was a coordinated terrorist attack commemorating the eleventh anniversary of the original 9/11 attacks. Conservatives highlight the fact that numerous calls for more security went unanswered, and forces that could have helped were told to stand down all while the Obama administration was watching in real time in the Situation Room. 

The White House’s non-actions resulted in the death of four Americans. Conservatives bring out serious problems that absolutely need to be addressed, and since Petraeus was the director of the CIA, he needs to come clean.
But not much has been talked about regarding what we were actually doing over there in Benghazi. There are some underlying premises that are not being addressed. This entire debacle in Benghazi has simply been a CIA operation gone bad. The facility in Benghazi was not even the actual Consulate. That was just its “diplomatic cover.” The embassy in Tripoli handled all the consular functions. Chris Stevens was the man in charge of acting as liaison to the Libyan terrorist groups who took over Libya following Gaddafi’s fall. He worked with these groups in collecting weapons from Gaddafi’s left over regime and shipping them over to the southern border of Turkey where CIA operatives were funneling these weapons to the Free Syrian Army. The FSA is comprised largely of Libyan Al-Qaida members whom the Obama administration has been using to topple the Assad regime in Syria. They’re the same militants that we used to topple Gaddafi’s regime (after which, the Al-Qaida flag flew on top of the Benghazi Courthouse). Forces were told to stand down in Benghazi, because such actions would have compromised Stevens’ operation and blown his cover.

This is how our government accomplishes its geopolitical goals in the Middle East. It’s a lot cheaper to arm and finance a group of Muslim extremists to do what they’re naturally inclined to do than to send in our own troops, jets and missiles. And, it has the added benefit of our being able to blame the Muslim extremists and avoid responsibility. But now, the U.S. can’t avoid responsibility because too much information has leaked regarding this operation. The cover has been completely blown. No wonder Petraeus doesn’t want to testify. He’d rather admit to an extra-marital affair than tell everybody about an operation that was supposed to be kept completely secret.
There are reports that suggest Petraeus may have had other girlfriends besides Broadwell. This should not be surprising if it’s true. Remember, most high-profile politicians are likely involved with some kind of scandal that won’t be reported on unless they “get in trouble” with those they answer to. (Google and read about the White House “call-boy scandal,” a scandal that was not supposed to be reported on but was anyway.)

None of the events on 9/11 in Benghazi would have happened, and Petraeus would not have been called to testify if we didn’t have a policy of arming, financing, and helping our “archenemy” to achieve our goals. That kind of policy backfires, and Americans end up dying, which seems to be a sacrifice the Obama administration is willing to make.

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