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Anonymous In Cyber War Against Israel

Anonymous declares cyber war on Israel, targets The Other McCain blog [VIDEO]

As rockets rain down on Gaza, Anonymous’ hacking spree against Israeli websites has turned into a declared cyber war.
In response to threats by the Israeli government to cut off the inhabitants of Gaza from the Internet, the ‘hacktivist’ collective began taking down Israeli websites Thursday.
On Saturday, the collective escalated the terms of its activities, calling on the Anonymous Collective to “hack, deface, docks, hijack, database leak, admin takeover, four oh four and DNS terminate the Israeli Cyberspace by any means necessary.”

Later that day, Anonymous Pakistan defaced the website of the International Security Academy, The website, was only one of many, as hacktivists from around the world joined in on the fray.
The database for the Bank of Jerusalem was also wiped out Friday, although it was restored later. Email addresses and passwords were subsequently leaked onto the Internet.
Not all sites targeted by the collective, however, are part of Israeli cyber space.
Conservative blogger and journalist Robert Stacy McCain’s website,, was targeted Friday because of a post he wrote in which he called Anonymous terrorists for supporting Hamas, the governing authority of the Palestinians in the Gaza strip.
An anonymous reply to McCain’s piece was posted to AnonPaste, which singled out and denounced his website.
McCain — an unabashed and outspoken Anonymous critic — told The Daily Caller that traffic was slowed down to his site for 4-6 hours, preventing his readers from accessing his site.
The amorphous and anonymous nature of the collective, however, allows any person, organization or government to operate under the cover of anonymity within Anonymous.
McCain is critical this facet of the collective — for the way its members hide in anonymity — stating that while he says things that offend people, he puts his name on it.
“These people who engage in these attacks don’t know me from Adam, and all they know is ‘Oh, has criticized Anonymous,” he said.
He is also critical of the severity of the impact that Anonymous’ activities have on geopolitics, stating that “we may be on the verge of Armageddon” in the Middle East.

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‘Anonymous’ escalates cyber-war against Israel and pro-Israel groups

In a widespread effort called #OpIsrael, hackers promise to take down 40 Israeli government and military websites; AIPAC website briefly downed on Friday 

Anonymous emblem (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Anonymous emblem (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
NEW YORK — As the battle in Gaza grinds on, an unprecedented technological skirmish is taking place in cyberspace. On the Israeli side, the IDF’s Wednesday morning tweet announcing the launch of Operation Pillar of Defense marked the first military declaration of hostilities via Twitter in history.
Now the IDF may be facing an organized response from a group of hackers claiming to be part of the international hacker coalition Anonymous, who published on Thursday their own declaration of cyber-war on Israel and its supporters.
In a press release posted Thursday to an Anonymous-affiliated website, the hackers warned Israel not to shut down the Internet in Gaza and to cease its military operations in the coastal strip, which come on the heels of a barrage of hundreds of rockets from Gaza into Israel in recent days.
“To the IDF and government of Israel we issue you this warning only once,” read the press release. “Do NOT shut down the Internet into the ‘Occupied Territories’, and cease and desist from your terror upon the innocent people of Palestine or you will know the full and unbridled wrath of Anonymous. And like all the other evil governments that have faced our rage, you will NOT survive it unscathed.”
In a widespread effort called #OpIsrael, Anonymous hackers promised to take down over 40 Israeli government and military websites.
Anonymous has become more of a hacktivist clan rather then a a group fo anonymous users who used 4chan and kept quiet from the main media like they originally did.

Further 13,000 Israeli emails and clear text passwords leaked

OpIsrael has been going hard out leaking data from israel siteswiping databases and leaving sites defaced or inaccessible from ddos attacks. Today we have discovered a 3 part pastebin post that claims to have 15,000 israeli emails.

Unity Coalition for Israel Hacked, 12,000 usernames & emails leaked

Anonymous hacktivist have been going all out against Israel and anything it has its name on online. So far there have been hundreds of defaced sites, lots of sites with deleted databases and suffering ddos attacks.
Today we have been contacted by a hacker using the handle m0le who has claimed to hack and leak data from the Unity Coalition for Israel website (
The leak has been posted to pastehtml and contains a list of 12,000 names and emails from the sites database. Although the leak contains no real critical data it shows that hackers from everywhere are stepping up against Israel government.
As stated above the leak contains no critical data its only names and emails. It comes with no messages besides it was apart of Operation Israel aka OpIsrael.

Anonymous all out assault for #OpIsrael leaves sites hacked, defaced and leaked


Over the past few days anonymous hacktivist have been attacking all Israel based websites, servers and databases. So far the attack has left hundreds of sites defaced.
As well as the defacing a lot of the sites are now having the database deleted, which if they have backups is really not worth the time and trouble the hackers are going to to get this done. Regardless the amount of sites and type of sites that have been getting attacked seems to just double or triple every day.
Lots of different hacktivist are joining in on the attacks with well know hackers like @ attacking and leaking databases from 3 Israeli based websites.
A claim has also come from a hacker using the handle Gaza hacker, they have posted a pastebin link with links to 5 files that are said to contain over 35,000 personal details of Israelis  We managed to obtain a copy of this data before it was removed and a total count of non duplicated data is just over 12,000.
The leaked data contains names, numbers, ids, emails and encrypted passwords as well as other personal information related to the account holders, the source of this leak is still unknown at time of publishing,

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