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North American Craton Showing Plumes In OK, TX, LA, MS, AL. Warning. Earthquake Typically Follows The Plumes.

Here is a video from a source that I trust that shows evidence of plumes radiating from areas of the North American Craton located in the United States. Specific states include Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. General speaking, when plumes begin happening in any area, earthquakes are soon to follow. Please take care and prepare. Here is what the video poster says...then watch his video... note: If his video gets removed, please take a look at the link he gets for his site for the screen shots that he keeps as back-up proof.
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Check the charts for the region.. THERE IT IS... same time as the plumes are appearing.. and stopping before the early AM !!! website post with multiple screenshots : Today.. in Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas.....once again.. in the late afternoon...PLUMES APPEARING on Visible satellite -- viewable from space -- All erupting from the ground at the same time in the afternoon -- yesterday only one or two -- and now today we see WELL OVER 50 !!

The chances of "wildfires" all erupting AT THE SAME TIME over multiple states.. would either mean a network of arsonists, or a fairly well timed wildfire EACH DAY .. which then magically goes out overnight and half the day.. and then at sunset fires up again. Also, the chances of "control burns" all at the same time across multiple states .. again are minimal... If its NOT a fire.. then what does that leave us with as an option for a plume from the ground visible from space that is NOT man made?? view it on the GOES visible satellite (1km or 2km product view)...

I have already formed my personal opinion on what I think may be causing these plumes --- I believe the north american craton is in a state of unrest --- that these plumes could EASILY be caused by the plate pressure ... magma pressure underneath an already earthquake prone area ( and a long dormant volcanic chain in Arkansas extending into OK, TX, LA, MS, AL... even as far east as Georgia )

I am doubting official reports that these are ALL WILDFIRES... since early reports came in that these were ALL CONTROL BURNS DONE AT ONCE... then some other skeptics came to my prior videos and claimed these are "weather convenctions of moisture which just LOOKS like steam/smoke"... I personally think this is the sign of an imminent geologic event of larger proportions.

I HOPE I AM WRONG --- but the last time THIS MANY plumes appeared (on the west coast from dormant volcanic sites).. we saw a 6.0M to the north.. and a 6.0M to the south of the area that was showing plume activity. Past experience say to me, that I should say to YOU... be prepared JUST IN CASE I'm right.... and lets hope that I'm totally wrong on this !

Here is a pic that shows what earthquake activity has been going on for the past week. Please notice that the numbers are high and so are the magnitudes. Additionally, please notice that the earthquakes follow the fault lines and are showing up in places we have not recently seen earthquakes. You can find this on USGS
If you are wondering what the North American Craton is, as I was, here is some information for you...
This is a map of North America craton. The brown area shows the part of the North American continent that has been stable for over 600 million years. The green area on the illustration shows new continental material that was added relatively recently, within the last 600 million years. The purple area fringing the stable continental core is made up of older Precambrian basement that was deformed during plate collisions that occurred within the last 600 million years.

North America craton map

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