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Update 1-20-2012 :The Trumpets Sound To Bring On The Second Coming Or Armageddon? A Scientific Explanation

January 20, 2011:  Update on the strange noises worldwide...

Eerie Sounds - The Haarpies
Orchestra Of Woodwinds And Brass
By Yoichi Shimatsu
General Editor, The Japan Times Weekly
Exclusive to

Oboes and flutes of wood; trumpets, trombones and tubes of metal.

Pianos and cellos have metal strings and wires while their mellowing resonant exteriors are of wood.

Forests are wood; and radioactive protons are metal.

Protons ring around in spirals inside and against the mirror edges of electromagnetic field lines.

The electron shells around the protons are highly excitable, reacting to inputs of energy, and thus metal vibrates, creating oscillations. Ionized metallic protons still have remaining electron shells, but being unstable due to the loss of some electrons, they vibrate more.

Protons trapped inside artificial electromagnetic belts are known to disrupt radio transmissions. These eerie new sounds, however, are at a higher frequency in the audio range, a likely explanation being that high-charged nuclear protons vibrate at higher frequencies

The audible vibrations are carried by atmospheric gases at lower elevations. Carbon dioxide molecules which, with their two oxygen atoms, is a minuscule alarm clock with two oxygen molecules that resemble bells, relaying aural signals over long distances, say, from Alaska to Finland or from the vicinity of Australia to Borneo.

Carbon atoms bound in tight lattices are diamond-hard and immovable, but in other configurations its has all the flexibility of a fishing rod. Benzene rings, for instance, are hexagonal, allowing many variables in angularity, and so the structure enables vibration. Carbon strands in wood fiber are like tiny whips rippling with waves.

These barely audible vibrations then reach the trees, and their carbon molecules start to hum, gaining strength with resonance, with the music of the orbs.

Music affects our psychological well-being, lower frequencies in the normal HAARP range causing emotional depression, while higher frequencies trigger merriment.
And so we have a perfect Aeolian instrument of vibrating metal and resonant wood - the HAARP.

If there were only angels to play the music...but no. This is the siren song of the fallen spirits, the blood-curdling cries of the harpies, the sonata of ghastly apparitions...the dance of the dead.

Post Script

Massive winter storms on both coasts of the United States arising?

The proton and electron surges into HAARP are electrifying the clouds.
read more here...

Here is a link to the background on the HAARP Project CLICK HERE

HAARP And How Fukushima Radiation Beamed Down To Australia

HAARP And How Fukushima Radiation Beamed Down To Australia
By Yoichi Shimatsu
Former General Editor – The Japan Times Weekly World Exclusive – Links Encouraged 1-18-12

The oddity of an eight-fold rise in radiation levels on the Caloundra Peninsula in southeast Australia, as reported in the South Coast Daily, defies logic since nuclear particles should have been diluted and more evenly spread after traversing the distance of 8,000 kilometers (5,000 miles) from Japan.

Nuclear dust out of Fukushima actually travels over a much longer span before reaching Down Under, circling the globe several times and swirling madly due to air resistance to the Earth’s rotation.

Since a radiation spike near Brisbane cannot be explained by the normal laws of geophysics, the hot particles from Fukushima must have taken a short cut between the northern and southern hemispheres.

In fact, a fast track does exist, an alternative route via an “artificial radiation belt” arching through the upper atmosphere from Alaska to Australia. Devised under a U.S. Navy program that started in 1957, the ‘sky bridge’ is composed of fast-moving super-charged protons trapped inside a field line or ‘ring current’…a part of the Earth’s natural electromagnetic field.

The artificial beltway of ions is periodically recharged by the antennae array in Gakona, Alaska, known as HAARP, short for High-Altitude Auroral Research Project. After a half-century of official silence about the program, Pentagon has recently acknowledged its creation as an anti-missile shield in a 2010 report from Defense Threat Reduction Agency.

The report confirms that, under orders from the Eisenhower administration, the Pentagon and U.S. intelligence agencies created least two such electromagnetic arches in 1958 by detonating nuclear warheads at high-altitude:

Operation Hardtack, a series of 35 nuclear tests that included four successive high-altitude atomic explosions over Johnson Atoll in the Pacific, later supplemented by the Alaskan HAARP facility; and Operation Argus, a series of covert rocket-launched nuclear blasts over the South Atlantic, later refreshed by HAARP stations in Thule Airbase, Greenland, and the EISCAT array in Tromso, Norway.

These top-secret operations were intended to form shields of high-energy protons against Soviet ballistic missiles on the flanks of the North American continent. In early January this year, the ring current over the Pacific inadvertently served as a conduit for huge dosages of cesium, strontium and other radioactive protons to be transported into distant Australia. This “accidental” hijacking of HAARP, if repeated, could lead to the extinction of living creatures across Oceania and Southern Africa.

Beyond the Beach

Stanley Kramer’s classic film “On the Beach” (1959), depicting the end of human life following a nuclear war, assumed that it would take five months for radiation from north of the Equator to reach the last survivors in Australia. The script, based on a novel by Neville Shute, was much too optimistic. Fallout from the March 11 meltdown at Fukushima No.1 nuclear plant landed over Oceania within five weeks.

Even that is a snail’s pace compared with riding the HAARP-assisted electromagnetic field line.  Following the New Years earthquake in Japan, much more concentrated dosages of Fukushima particles were measured in Australia in a mere five days.  What a difference technology makes! The cast of “On the Beach” ­ Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner and Anthony Perkins ­ would have thought a sky bridge to be a fantasy out of science fiction, even though it was created just a year before the movie’s release.

Today, five decades later, there are still educated people who refuse to comprehend the pervasiveness of electromagnetic technology in contemporary society, even though they use mobile phones, watch television, switch off their digital devices aboard airplanes, and put their bodies through scanners.

Some of these know-nothings are editors and producers with news media, who consider HAARP to be the wild imaginings of conspiracy theorists. Why bother to take on the difficulties of understanding a complex technology when blissful ignorance is far less troubling?

The Greek Paperclip

The theoretic outline for creating an electromagnetic sky bridge is credited to an electrical engineer named Nicholas Constantine Christofilos (the surname in Greek means “the love of Christ”). His official biography from his chief employer, the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, contains obvious inconsistencies. Born in Boston in 1916, he was educated at a technical school in Greece, where he remained throughout the Axis occupation (1941-45), a rather curious choice for an American citizen.


January 19, 2011: Here is an update on the strange noises...

Strange sounds are occurring all over the world.  Could this be the sound of trumpets, warning us that the time is upon us for The Second Coming or Armageddon?  The forum threads on the subjects seem to think that is the case.  Here is one sound and then a few comments from threads, another sound, more comments and so on.  You will be mesmerized and possibly disturbed by the sounds and the comments.  You may even find yourself confused as to whether these are real events or not.

"This is very spooky and reflects the internet searches for the term STRANGE SOUNDS

Remember of the dozen plus strange sounds coming from the sky videos means there were probably hundreds of people who did not video it but heard it and looked on Google to see what it was." - LUCUS

"The trumpets are blowing...." - Sedi

"Last Friday morning at 1:30 am...the whole place was humming and windows buzzing at a frequency definitely higher than a bass woofer. Stepped vehicles around and no helicopters in the air. It lasted for about a minute.

Portland, Oregon area." - Anonymous Coward

"I just pulled Google Trends, it has literally sky rocketed lately.

I wonder why Greece is so high, as far as searching?" - Anonymous Coward

"Glad this has been brought to attention...

I'm pretty freaked out about it to be honest.

Lots of GLPers have actually said that they heard these sounds wherever they live, over the past year... some even linked to threads that they made asking if anyone else heard it when it happened.

It's VERY creepy folks... and there is a HUGE effort to shill against the validity of these videos... but I do not believe these are hoaxes at all. I have only seen 2 videos out of ALL these sounds videos over the past year that I thought were fake. All the rest... I believe they are real." - Mister Obvious

"For those of you who haven't read Revelation for awhile...or ever...the trumpets begin the predetermined series of unending disasters, one after another.


"They're not warnings. That time is over. These are signals for the turmoil to begin." -- Anonymous Coward

"Listen to the videos... the sound is VERY eerie.

It's been happening all over the world, for the last few years, apparently increasing. And it doesn't surprise me at all that some of the first we heard of this came out of Ukraine.

I will just say that I had a "vision" a few years ago (not really vision, more like "sound")... it was an ongoing thing that would come and go, for months. It was about a LOUD, CONSTANT sound, heard all over the world, and inescapable... so loud it's deadly. I've posted this several times in several threads.

This "premonition" type thing was so strong, it would just come over me at night lying in bed... visuals of suddenly waking up from sleep because of an excruciatingly loud, deep sound that basically incapacitated you. It didn't last that long because I'm pretty sure it caused death... I mean a sound like this would vibrate your brain to mush. Very scary shit. I had dreams about it, and just waking 'visions'." - Mister Obvious

"Revelation Trumpets, this noise is happening now where i live, Ontario, it happened this weekend to a small reserve thats an hour and a half away from my smaller reserve, its coming i can tell, well im just saying im ready to surrender all for lord Jesus Messiah and his Father.." - XxXBieberliciousXxX

"The first video from Russia, that noise. I heard it last night and I'm from Canada! :s" - TechnoMonster018

"bottom line, all this unbelief is what God said would happen. weather it be the horns of heaven, or HAARP. you better get JESUS in your hearts. no death bed prayers, time is running out. consider it GODS mercy. He said these things would happen on the earth, as in the days of NOAH, so shall the coming of JESUS be. dont be banging on the door, when the key has been given to you. get saved! we have insurance on everything else, why not our SOULS! just admit you have one, the rest will come" - DRUMofTRUTH

"It's happening in Malaysia too!" - BlogTauTV

"This phenomena has been going on for some time all over the world now with strange noises coming from the sky." - pimpninja1985

"yesterday it happen over Costa Rica too, all the country was able to ear it!" - Soul2Light

"OMG WTF, These sound exactly like the sounds comming from KIEV that were circulating all over the web. I HATE TO SAY IT. Sounds like trumpets to me. Please leave your opinion below as to what you might think all tehse strange sounds from the sky and ground around the world are comming from!!!" - OPENMINDZTV

What do you think about all of this?

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Unknown said...

We did a show on this subject last night and I ran the sounds through some software to enhance them. There is NO WAY this is a hoax. The spectragrams look similar from the one in Kiev and Conklin are very similar, but not the same. Scary stuff....