Saturday, January 14, 2012

This Goes Into The Category of "Casey Anthony" and "WTHeck!" Why Can't It Just All Go Away?!!!

Casey Anthony has now started sharing her personal video diary time with the general population.  They are so bizarre that you get hooked wondering why and what the heck!  Just watch for yourself and see...

Another thing that is no surprise is that Nancy Grace has something to say about this. No, not a surprise at all. Here yah go...

Something to really make you laugh about it is this parody. It's ridiculously hilarious!

Evidently, there was a posting that leaked onto the Internet prior to the above and prior to her changing her hair color to blond. This one is from a different location. There was no option to embed, so here is the link

Well, there you have it. So much drama...just when we thought...hoped it was over. Can this PLEASE be the END!?! Or is this a sign of the Casopocalypse?!

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