Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Are Human Beings Disposable?

Have you been paying attention to the news lately?...Internet news or TV news...Everyday there is another person who has gone missing or has been murdered.

Has our society become one in which people are disposable?

How long did Kim Kardashian's marriage last?  What did Lady Gaga do for Thanksgiving?   What happened in the movie Twilight?  Most of us could answer those questions without hesitation.

What happened to Holly Bobo?  Where is Susan Powell?  Where is Kyron Horman?  Where is the Jamison family of Oklahoma?

 There are hundreds of people missing and no one finds them on the front page news for very long.  Why?

Mothers are killing their children as if they have no maternal instinct.  Can't they remember the feeling of their child's movement inside the womb?  Can't they remember giving birth, seeing that beautiful child and holding him or her for the first time? 

Parents sell their children.  Human Trafficking is big business in the United States, not just in other countries.  Most of the time the children that are trafficked are used for sex and/or for child labor.  The parents seem to go on with their lives as if the child were never born in the first place.  Children who are sold are even used in satanic rituals where they are often tortured or used as a sacrifice and discarded like a piece of garbage.

Spouses discard one another in divorce only to continue the abuse cycle in another home, teaching children that the behavior they witness is okay. 

There are increasingly more murders and murder-suicides of spouses to get out of being married.  In the case of Susan Powell, an assumption has been made that she was killed by Josh Powell and then hidden by him and he has lied ever since.

Parents should be able to trust their children's coaches not to abuse and molest them.  Kids should be able to trust their teachers and mentors that they will watch over and protect them.  They should never fear them and feel helpless. 

What do you feel about this subject?

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