Thursday, September 15, 2011

Object Sighted Over Arizona. Was It Near Earth Object 2011PS Touching Our Atmosphere? doesn't even list this as a near-Earth-object, but it was extremely near Earth and could have definitely been the explanation for the reports of a strange lighted object over Arizona yesterday.

"Many residents around the state said they saw a "glowing object" fly across the night sky . A Valley student posted video capturing a light in the sky.
Residents in Las Vegas and Southern California also reported seeing the light.
A NASA scientist told the object was most likely a fragment of an asteroid."

Read more:,-southwest#ixzz1Y2VKaYLS"

Near-Earth-object number 2011 PS could have been caught up in the CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) that the Sun threw toward Earth yesterday, causing it to break up and move into our atmosphere. 

No need to panic.  The aliens aren't coming to invade our Earth....or ARE they?!!!

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