Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Fulfillment of Bible Prophecy As Early As This Fall.

Do you think that Bible prophecy is quickly being fulfilled?  There are many questioning whether Comet Elenin is the way that God will bring about the three days of darkness, as well as the earthquakes and other destructions prior to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.  Sure, there are nut jobs out there who get crazy about Bible Prophecy with every little thing that happens.  However, with all of the destruction from weather-related-events, earthquakes, volcanoes, and anything else that I haven't mentioned, the next few months will be interesting to observe as Comet Elenin becomes part of the mix.

I know.  I know.  Comet Elenin is reported to have split in two and may on its way to disintegration.  However, there are other reports that there is still an abundance of strength and keep in mind that there are asteroids that are crossing paths with Elenin and coming close to Earth and the Moon as well.

I'm not one that really believes in the Planet X or Niburu theories as much, however, for those of you who do, here is an interesting video to get you updated on that.

Comet Elenin Hit By An Explosion? Update: Nasa Images

By Steffan Ileman.
Amateur observers studying NASA images from STEREO see Comet Elenin split into two parts (featured video). Leonid Elenin is said to have confirmed Comet's disintegration.
Update: Comet Elenin mystery took another twist as amateur observers Kelly and Rob Collins posted images from NASA's STEREO system showing the Comet splitting into two as a result of shockwaves from an immense explosion. STEREO stands for Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory, a NASA project to study solar activity and its effect on the earth. reported that Leonid Elenin had confirmed the Comet's disintegration on his own web site . This information, and whether the web site actually belongs to Leonid Elenin, have not been independently verified. There has been no announcement or update by NASA on Comet Elenin.
If the Comet has indeed been destroyed, this raises the questions of how, by what, or even by whom. Another question is if the debris from the Comet will reach the earth. End of update.
Amateur astronomer group tracking the Comet claims to have captured an explosion that changed Elenin’s trajectory yesterday. Could it be a hoax or disinformation? Russia Today interviews author Brooks Agnew on celestial events (video below).
A group of amateur astronomers that has been tracking Comet Elenin for several weeks claimed to have captured footage (below) of an enormous explosion on Jupiter yesterday. Spartan Maverick, a YouTube alias, first suspected that the U.S. Government had launched a nuclear missile to destroy the Comet. Another interpretation is, that the Comet had discharged its enormous load of electricity on Jupiter, possibly becoming a benign entity that’s not a threat anymore. Jana Briz says the natural phenomenon is very much like plasma elecricity or lightning. There was disagreement as to whether the Comet had changed its course or disintegrated as a result. Still another amateur speculation is, that Elenin was not a comet and something else all together.

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Here is the last update I'll give you for today on Comet Elenin.  It's really difficult to get accurate information when you cannot trust your own government entities, media outlets, and other sources of information to be providing truthful and thorough information.  Therefore, keeping aware of the variety of information that continues to ooze from the Internet about Comet Elenin and other near-Earth-objects, while keeping a level head about all of it is the best advice. 

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