Sunday, September 4, 2011

Comet Elenin. A Round Table Conference. What Is Going On?

This group is really interesting and fascinating on so many levels. As to whether what they are saying is truthful or an elaborate story meant to attract followers and viewers, I don't know. There are so many stories floating around the Internet regarding the various Near Earth Objects, most especially Comet Elenin, and I am not at all sure which ones are truthful. If you will notice, on, there was a sudden change from a trajectory that was near earth with earth passing through the comet's tail, to a very bold statement that there was not going to be anything near earth, but that it was going to be able to be seen by those on earth through telescope and then to Comet Elenin breaking apart. This has not been the case everywhere. To note, Russia has been moving at break-neck-speed to build underground cities for all of its citizens for some major event. There is information from my sources here in the U.S. that the same is going on here, except that there will not be room for ALL of its citizens...only the privileged. Anyway, watch these videos and see what you think about Comet Elenin and other happenings that seem to be changing story lines before people read the one before. If that didn't make sense, just watch:)

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