Monday, August 15, 2011

Have YOU seen Casey Anthony? What is this fascination? What would you do if you DID see her?

For those of you who are still fascinated with Casey Anthony, here is some information that you may want.

There is a Facebook site called "Where's Casey Anthony? sightings?"...if you can believe it...the address is 

This seems to be a "sighting" of Casey Anthony in Ohio...

Casey Anthony spotted in Ohio, first sighting since Florida woman was acquitted of killing daughter

There was an apparent Casey Anthony sighting in the Buckeye State over the weekend where she wore an Ohio State University cap to better blend in with the locals.

The first purported photos of Anthony since she was acquitted last month of murdering her 2-year-old daughter Caylee were published Wednesday by
In them, a woman who looks an awful lot like Anthony also wore shades to disguise herself. She scowled when she spotted the shutterbug - and appeared to be carrying a few extra prison pounds.

Also, if you think that you have seen Casey Anthony, you are invited to post those sightings here...
Here are some of the comments...
  1. "I saw her having a drink with Elvis at Cotters."
  2. "i sent her an email inviting her to the meet-up."
  3. "I'm secretly wanting to see her roughed up a little. I'd like to say I'm better than that, but, given the absolute lack of contrary evidence, a deeper justice wasn't served. I honestly wonder if she'll survive. There are plenty of equally disturbed people that would probably take her out given the chance."
  4. "Excellent! This fits right into my master plan where Casey and I fall madly in love, and eventually marry."
Here is an article that speculates that Casey Anthony may be in California in a home that is owned by a member of her defense team.

UPDATE: Casey Anthony's Californ-vacation

The plot thickens in the "Where's Casey Anthony this week?" watch.

By Dawn Olsen, Contributor

Ah-Ha-Rancho Sante Fe/Dan Weisman
On Saturday we published an exclusive article about 'Tot Mom' Casey Anthony and possible sightings in southern California.
SoCal local news reporter Dan Weisman of Ah-Ha Rancho Santa Fe News followed up with some additional information, including photos of the house where Casey is supposedly hiding out. The home is owned by attorney Todd Macaluso, a member of Casey's defense team, and is described as a "5-bedroom, 5 1/2-bath, Spanish-style home, built in 2005, according to real estate records and is within the ultra-exclusive Rancho Santa Fe Covenant."
Head attorney Jose Baez, Tot Mom Casey Anthony, and attorney Todd Macaluso
Public records show the luxury estate is listed at $5.2 million and is currently on the market. Weisman reported:
After surveying the yard with luxury black sedan and unidentified black hybrid SUV in the garage area, an attempt hatched to call the residence on the intercom outside the gate. A weirdly shaped voice answered, something between that of a young child and/or drunk woman. The gate opened. Attempting to enter the yard, however, another voice came on the intercom, uttered an admonition, and the gate quickly closed.
Ah-Ha Rancho Santa Fe Investigation Concludes: Something funny is going on there, but whether it is related to Anthony can not be confirmed at this time. Local media reported contacting Malaluso's office and getting no comment. Possible Anthony destinations outside of San Diego included Palm Springs or Orange County.
While no pictures of Casey Anthony at the home have yet to surface, it's very plausible that this could be one of the locations Anthony is using to hide out, while waiting to score a major lucrative interview. Plus, our source stated several local residents have reported seeing her in and around the area in the last few days. Why would there be two SUVs at an unoccupied house on the market? Who answered the intercom — and why the reluctance to come out? It all seems suspicious.

If those listed above aren't enough, here is a sight that has some pictures that are of girls hiding their faces...not exactly resembling Casey Anthony...

Possible Casey Anthony Sightings Photo Gallery

Casey Anthony’s Trial is over and Nancy Grace just can’t let it go untill she finds another young girl that has killed her baby. They have resorted to posting random sightings of girls hiding their faces. They even have experts in body language and clothing anylize each sighting to decide if it is Casey Anthony or not and do their best to make it news.

Here is another site with a whole forum about Casey Anthony sightings from Africa to California, Ohio to still in Florida...

More Articles...

Casey Anthony is Not Hiding on My Yacht, Says TV Journalist

Reports say Casey is on Geraldo's yacht

And there are many, many more...ridiculous!

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Anonymous said...

Didn't get a pircture of her and the older woman with her but the hotel camera's would have. She looked exactly like her. She had been at the pool and got on the elevator with us. She was quiet,would not look at us and pale. The woman said she had worked all night and a swim would relax her and they had to leave at 3a.m. This was at Country Inn & Suites, Bloomington IL by the airport on June 9th at 3:30 - 4:oo p.m.