Monday, August 15, 2011

Comet Elenin. What Are You Doing To Prepare? Start With Water...

What are you going to do if Comet Elenin causes major issues, even if it is just giant meteorites from its tail?  What if the electricity is off for extraordinarily long periods of time?  What if there is no ability to get to the grocery store for extended periods of time?  These are realities that we could be facing in upcoming months from the geomagnetic effects of alignments between various solar bodies and Comet Elenin, the possibility of a giant stream of giant meteorites from Earth going through the comet's tail, extreme earthquakes, solar flares, the gamut. All of these things from Comet Elenin.

What can you do to prepare?

First lesson, water storage.

How much water do you need to store per person?  Approximately one gallon per person per day.

There are 55 gallon drums that you can buy that are best stored in your garage.  This water will be used for your general toilet flushing, food washing, bathing.  Treat it with the recommended amount of chlorine on the chart below.
Ultimate Year Supply

From my training in CERT, you need to be able to smell the chorine, but not have it smell as strong as a pool or you have added too much, which will be harmful.

Also, all of the soda you've been drinking from the 2-litter bottles?  Those bottles need to be washed and refilled with H2O, along with the recommended amount of chlorine.  

Don't store your water storage containers directly on concrete.  There tends to be seepage issues, which become harmful to your health.

Make sure that you store enough water in your 72 Hour kits for that period of time as well.  Rotate that water because that will be purely for drinking only.  

Be sure that you get enough water storage for your pets in the case of prolonged issues with water in your area.

Add to your storage rotating drinking water.  We use the small pallets of water bottles and we rotate the use of them.  If they expire, we keep them for other uses.  The small pallets are easy to stack in storage and easy to rotate.

Most recommendations call for a 2-week storage of water per person per household.

Store water in “FOOD GRADE” plastic containers (stay away from milk jugs, but soda bottles are suitable).

Water storage boxes are another good option. Water is placed into mylar bags and then inserted into stackable cardboard boxes.

Store water away from too much light or heat.

Boiling is the safest way to clean water, however you can also use household liquid bleach to kill microorganisms.
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