Monday, July 4, 2011

UPDATE: NO VERDICT IN FIRST DAY OF DELIBERATION...Casey Anthony Trial: Jury Is Deliberating, but what about....?


As you already know, the jury is deliberating in the Casey Anthony trial.  They are going to either find her guilty (in some manner or another) of 1st degree murder (or some lesser crime) or not.  While they are deliberating, I have some questions I am going to point to my readers...

Open Questions...
1)Who took the pictures of Casey Anthony partying, allegedly during the time Caylee was missing/dead?

2)Did anyone notice that the pictures of Casey Anthony partying with the woman in the turquoise shirt deliberately show Casey Anthony but do not show the woman's face she is partying with...I finally found one with her face...?

3)Did anyone wonder if Casey was, perhaps given the money by a parent (George and/or Cindy Anthony) to leave and go partying to blow off steam while things got sorted out, following the "accidental drowning" of Caylee Anthony, and then found that she was sent down the river by the parents?

George Anthony
1) Was George Anthony's attempted suicide for real, because he missed his little Caylee?

2) Was George Anthony's attempted suicide for real, because he couldn't handle the guilt of what he had done to cover up an accident?

3) Was George Anthony's attempted suicide for real, because he couldn't handle his good reputation being ruptured due to the illumination of his molestation of his own daughter, Casey Anthony?

4) Was George Anthony attempting to cover up his own guilt on all fronts by writing a suicide letter and staging the attempt in order to look innocent on all charges?

Cindy Anthony
1) Does she genuinely care for Casey and that is why she perjured herself about the Chloroform?

2) Was she looking like the bad mom, ready to send her daughter down the river and showing her own true colors, so she perjured herself about the Chloroform?

Cindy Anthony
1) Does Cindy Anthony genuinely feel that her functional family is being made dysfunctional by this situation and she loves her daughter and loved her granddaughter?

2) Was Cindy Anthony mad at her husband, thinking that Caylee was his child, and jealous of Casey so she started treating Caylee as the real daughter?

3) Was Cindy Anthony (along with her husband, George Anthony), abusive to Casey (like putting their hands around her neck when mad, as the aunt said happened) and therefore Casey acted out, an accident happened, and they tried to cover it up to make it so that their little dark secrets never got out?

Cindy Anthony one more time...
How could Cindy Anthony have written on MySpace about Caylee missing before...long before she actually was?

George and Cindy Anthony
Why would they go on a cruise when their daughter, Casey Anthony, had just been put in jail on first degree murder for allegedly killing their granddaughter, Caylee Anthony?

Lee Anthony
1) Does Lee Anthony know more than he leads on to know?

2) Did Lee Anthony molest his own sister?

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