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Breaking Update-6-20-2011 - Casey Anthony Trial

UPDATE: 6-20-2011
Was the duct tape there as a murder weapon or was it placed on Caylee's remains after she was dead...after the flesh had disappeared to hold the jaw bone on?

"Dr. Werner Spitz said he believes the tape was placed on the body long after the flesh had disappeared to hold the jaw bone on, perhaps because someone wanted to move it.

Spitz also criticized the Orange County medical examiner, Dr. Jan Garavaglia, for conducting what he termed a "shoddy autopsy" by failing to cut Caylee's skull open to look inside.

Spitz' testimony came after Chief Judge Belvin Perry ordered the first defense witness off the stand and threatened attorney Jose Baez with contempt proceedings for failing to tell prosecutors about the man's planned testimony."

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Lack of DNA found on the tape would suggest it was placed on the girl's skull by someone who wanted to move it.

"Spitz said the lack of DNA found on the tape would suggest it was placed on the girl's skull by someone who wanted to move it for some reason. The tape, he said, was intended to keep the jawbone from falling off."
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The autopsy should have been done on the entire body...that includes the skull.

"Ashton also questioned Spitz' characterization of Garavaglia's autopsy. He challenged the physician -- who co-wrote a book on forensic investigations -- to cite any specific protocol requiring that a pathologist saw open the skull of a thoroughly decomposed body -- including in his own book.

Spitz said that he could not, but that his long experience and training tells him that failing to look at the inside of body's skull is poor practice.

"The skull, the head, is part of the body, and when you do an autopsy you examine the whole body," he said."

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Classification and characteristics of women who kill their own children.

"Mothers kill children for a number of reasons. Some are very depressed and kill their children amidst their own suicide attempts, thinking they are looking after the children's best interest. Some are psychotic and have irrational motivations. Others may or may not have a mental illness or drug dependency, and kill because they are overwhelmed and are angry with the burden of their incompetent child care. Some may kill the children in part to spite the children's father, who leaves them feeling powerless. Others see their children as an inconvenience; because of perceived family pressures, they would not place them up for adoption but would make them disappear. Each of the above motivations is very different. In my professional experience, all are premeditated at least in fantasy.

The common pathway for mothers who kill is an anger and resentment that increasingly alienates them from their children. They may have been very warm and loving at an earlier point, but by the time the homicide takes place in the above scenarios, the mother is conspicuously more alienated. The detached, indifferent mother in the wake of a child's disappearance arrived at a point of alienation well before such a killing took place -- or it never would have happened.

The spontaneity of child killing seen in conflicts that get out of hand reflects in the level of guilt and undoing immediately after the crime. This is not to be confused with mothers who become more emotional when they reflect on the predicament that they face justice for exercising their control over a helpless child's life. That may explain the rising emotions in Casey well after her arrest. Or it may be just another shallow display of drama.

The brazenness and frequency of Casey Anthony's lying brings psychopathy to mind as a diagnostic possibility. But narcissistic and borderline personalities lie, as do as some histrionics. So, too, do politicians, who only sometimes are personality disordered."
Casey Anthony personal photos

Judge Threatens Attorneys for both sides and recessed the court for the day.

(CBS/WKMG/AP) ORLANDO, Fla. - After Judge Belvin Perry threatened attorneys on both sides of the Casey Anthony case with "exclusion," a move that could force a re-start in the trial of Anthony, he recessed court for the day at 11 a.m. with no witnesses being called. 

Perry was visibly annoyed with both defense attorney Jose Baez and prosecutor Jeff Ashton for delaying the start of day 23 of testimony in the trial.
Ashton asked the judge to delay testimony from two forensic experts the defense planned to call, saying that he was not given enough information about their qualifications and the conclusions they intended to draw before the jury. Baez urged the judge not to take that action and countered that Ashton was showing his "inexperience" by failing to take depositions from all defense witnesses in the weeks prior to the trial.
The judge asked the attorneys to look at the clock and tell him the time. Ashton said 9:25, while Baez responded 9:26. That prompted the judge to say, "that shows the two of you will never agree on anything."
Perry, in lengthy comments to the lawyers with the jury out of the courtroom, said that he realizes the opposing attorneys don't like each other but he warned that if the lawyers' "gamesmanship" continues, he will issue an exclusion order, bumping witnesses from the trial - even if that means starting the murder trial all over again. Perry also said that he will consider possible disciplinary action against the lawyers once the trial ends and he raised the spectre of filing a report on them with the Florida Bar Association alleging ethical violations.
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