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BREAKING UPDATE 6-17-2011: Casey Anthony Trial...Will The "Evidence" Hold Up In Court?


June 17, 2011

Casey Anthony’s defense begins to present its case

Posted: 01:30 PM ET

The defense called Gerardo Bloise, crime scene investigator/forensic examiner with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, as its first witness.  Bloise previously testified as prosecution witness #34.  On July 23, 2008, Bloise examined a Jeep belonging to Anthony Lazzaro, the defendant’s former boyfriend.  No items of evidentiary value were discovered or collected.  On August 6, 2008, he collected several items of clothing from the defendant’s bedroom as part of a search warrant.  A few of the items showed evidence of small stains and those items were packaged and submitted to the FBI Crime Lab for further analysis.
Next on the stand was Heather Seubert, DNA analyst and serologist with the FBI Crime Lab inQuantico,Virginia.  On July 28, 2009, Seubert received some items for testing, including swabs of stains on the spare tire cover, the cover itself, the trunk lining and from the defendant’s Pontiac Sunfire.  All of the items tested negative for the presence of blood.
“There was no DNA profile generated from those items,” Seubert said.
Seubert also examined many items of clothing which were collected from the defendant’s bedroom.  All of the items were negative for the presence of blood.  She also examined the shovel belonging to Anthony neighbor, Brian Burner.  It, too, was negative for the presence of blood, although there was a “limited amount” of DNA material present on the shovel.  However, no DNA profile could be generated.

Seubert also examined the three pieces of duct tape found with the victim’s remains.  A partial profile located on the shiny side of one piece of tape turned out to be contamination from another employee in the FBI’s lab.  Both Casey and Caylee Anthony were excluded from the above DNA profile as were George, Cindy, and Lee Anthony.  Seubert also examined the adhesive side of the duct tape; the DNA information that was recovered there was “inconclusive.”  Both Casey and Caylee Anthony were excluded as possible contributors.
Seubert also performed tests on a blanket, a pair of shorts, and a laundry bag recovered with the remains.  All of the items were positive for the “possible” presence of blood; however, further testing could not confirm that possibility and DNA profiles could not be generated from either item.  A doll recovered from the rear seat of the Pontiac Sunfire tested negative for the presence of blood.  

Defense Expert Testifies Flies Do Not Prove Caylee’s Body Was In Trunk

A forensic entomologist testifying for the defense Friday questioned a prosecution expert’s conclusion that insects found in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s car proved that a dead body had been in it for several days.
Dr. Tim Huntington, a professor at Concordia University, said a leg from a blow fly found in the garbage bag that had been in the trunk had no evidentiary value. If there was a body in there, he would expect “hundreds if not thousands” of those flies. He also said that once they get into the trunk, they cannot get out—“they’re in there, they die there, they’re stuck there”—so there would have been hundreds of dead flies.
Similarly, he said scuttle flies found by Haskell would not necessarily indicate the presence of something large decomposing because they are so small and require very little food. “I don’t think it’s remarkable” that they would be in the garbage bag, he explained.

Anthony defense expert: Car smell was from trash

Updated 02:42 p.m., Friday, June 17, 2011

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June 17, 2011

Defense bug expert: Prosecution theory doesn't add up

Posted: 04:31 PM ET
(CNN) - The kind of insect evidence found by investigators in the trunk of Casey Anthony's car does not prove a body was stored inside, a bug expert for the defense testified Friday in the Orlando woman's murder trial.
Jurors previously heard from prosecution witnesses who testified that the discovery of one leg of a kind of fly commonly found around decomposing bodies, as well as more numerous examples of a different kind of fly, suggested that a body had been stored in the trunk for no more than three to five days.

Prosecutors allege Anthony killed her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, and stored her body in the trunk before dumping it in a wooded field in June 2008. Prosecution witnesses have testified about a subtle stain and a strong odor inside the car as evidence that a body had been decomposing inside the trunk.
But on Friday, Concordia University forensic entomologist Tim Huntington told jurors the evidence is not convincing.
"In my opinion, one leg of a blow fly doesn't mean anything," he said

Casey Anthony defense day-2: A day of sidebars, scoldings and bugs

At the hands of Ashton, Dr. Huntington was subjected to a brutal cross examination that left the young doctor all but ringing his hands in misery and looking very much like he would like to crawl under a rock that some of his bugs may inhabit. Many have called Ashton’s cross brilliant and went right to the heart of the matter. Also, this is the sort of “pit bull” attack that could be expected if the defense were to place Casey Anthony on the stand.

Ashton set mine field after mine field for the doctor to step on in order to poke holes in his testimony, and according to law experts, the prosecuting attorney won the battle.
Dr. Huntington is a student of Dr. Haskell, who testified on behalf of the prosecution on the same evidence – the bug evidence that was found in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s Pontiac Sunfire – but apparently Huntington does not hold the same beliefs as his mentor.
In a lighter moment, perhaps to ease the tension between the prosecutor and the witness, Jeff Ashton asked the doctor if the pigs he uses to study decomposition, were “wrapped in blankets.” Ashton promptly turned to the judge and said “sorry judge I just had to say that.” The courtroom giggled at the joke and references were made afterwards through this line of questioning to pigs in a blanket.
Huntington did admit, under Ashton’s cross examination, that when he investigated the car some 2 years after Caylee’s body is alleged to have been decomposing in the trunk of the car, there was a bad smell in the car.
It appears that the trial schedule will remain the same and the court will be in session tomorrow, Saturday.

Casey Anthony's trial is a summer obsession

By Ann O'Neill, CNN

Casey Anthony was 19 when she had Caylee. She is now 25 and on trial, accused of killing Caylee with duct tape..
Casey Anthony was 19 when she had Caylee. She is now 25 and on trial, accused of killing Caylee with duct tape..
  • Half the TV sets turned on in Orlando, Florida, are tuned in to the Casey Anthony trial
  • Anthony, 25, is accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, in June 2008
  • Family drama and lurid details have made the trial a national obsession
  • The judge says the jury could get the case by the end of next week
Orlando, Florida (CNN) -- Here in the land of Mickey, where parents lavish time and money to immerse their little ones in the magic of childhood, another name has stolen the show: Casey.
Casey Anthony, 25, is accused of killing her doe-eyed toddler and the murder trial is inescapable this summer: Inside the diner, the gym, the hair salon -- even the car wash -- TV screens are tuned in to the coverage and grabbing eyeballs.
At Fields BMW in suburban Winter Park, no one has switched channels in the customer lounge since testimony began four weeks ago.
"I don't think anybody's brave enough to grab the remote," said Whitney Lore, the cashier.

Casey Anthony Trial: Surprise Witness Embarrasses Defense

Casey Anthony's "surprise witness" became an embarrassment for the defense today when the witness held a news conference outside of the courthouse where she is being tried for murder and said that he did not know the Anthony family.
Defense attorney Jose Baez included Vasco Thompson, a convicted kidnapper, as a last minute surprise addition to his amended witness list earlier this week. Baez claimed that Thompson and Casey Anthony's father, George Anthony, shared a series of phone conversations the day before 2-year-old Caylee Anthony's disappearance was reported to authorities in July 2008.
George Anthony angrily issued a statement through his attorney earlier this week denying those claims. Today, Vasco Thompson stood outside the Orange County courthouse and also denied that he'd ever met George Anthony.
"I have no idea who George Anthony is," Thompson said. "The phone number they got, I didn't have that number until February of 2009. I don't know why they dragged me into all this mess."

UPDATE # 2 - ANTHONY TRIAL...6-16-2011
An FBI forensics expert appeared to cast doubt today on evidence that the outline of a heart sticker was detected on duct tape found on the decomposing skull of 2-year-old Casey Anthony.
The heart stickers are a key piece of the prosecution's case against Casey Anthony, the Florida woman accused of murdering her daughter Caylee in 2008.
The prosecution claims that the outline of a heart sticker was found on duct tape on Caylee's skull and another heart sticker was found near her remains. The duct tape, they contend, was placed over Caylee's mouth and nose. They argued that these stickers are similar to stickers found in Casey Anthony's bedroom and link Casey Anthony to her daughter's death.
Forensic expert Lorie Gottesman said that she was unable to find any trace of a heart shaped sticker on the duct tape found on Caylee's skull.
"I was unable to see any sticker or sticker fragment with the naked eye...After trying all the different lights and different filters I was unable to detect any sticker or sticker fragment," said Gottesman.
Earlier in the trial another FBI forensics expert, Elizabeth Fontaine, told the court, "During my examination... an outline of a heart appeared in one of the corners on the edge of that piece of duct tape... The outline of the heart resembled that glue or debris that if you had been wearing a band aid for an extended period of time."
Fontaine examined the duct tape first, looking for latent prints. She found no prints on the tape and unexpectedly found the outline of the heart. Gottesman looked at the tape after Fontaine and was tasked specifically with looking for the heart shape
Defense attorney Jose Baez also appeared to suggest today that any stickers found near Caylee's remains may have simply been part of a great deal of trash found in the area and had no connection to the body.

Casey Anthony lawyer's paternity question halts court

Casey Anthony (L) sits with her defense attorney Dorothy Clay Sims during her first degree murder trial at the Orange County Courthouse in Orlando, Florida June 14, 2011. REUTERS/Red Huber/Pool
Casey Anthony (L) sits with her defense attorney Dorothy Clay Sims during her first degree murder trial at the Orange County Courthouse in Orlando, Florida June 14, 2011.
Credit: Reuters/Red Huber/Pool

ORLANDO | Thu Jun 16, 2011 2:44pm EDT
(Reuters) - Casey Anthony's lead defense attorney sprung a surprise at her murder trial on Thursday by questioning whether Casey's brother Lee could be the father of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, who was found dead in 2008.
Judge Belvin Perry immediately dismissed the jury after defense attorney Jose Baez posed the paternity question on the first day of the defense presenting its case after 3 1/2 weeks of prosecution witnesses.
After the jury left, a testy argument erupted between attorneys over the appropriateness of the question.
Heather Seubert, an FBI expert on DNA, told the judge that both Lee and George Anthony, Casey's father, were excluded as possible fathers of Caylee.
Perry chided Baez and asked him to read up on case law on "good faith questions," before taking a recess for lunch....
...Orange County sheriff's crime scene investigator Geraldo Bloise, who inspected Casey's car on July 23, 2008, testified that he found stains in the trunk.

...Bloise said he performed fluorescent light tests on clothing from Casey's bedroom on August 6, 2008. Items that tested positive for fluids were sent to the FBI to be examined for blood and DNA.

Seubert, the FBI expert, said the items from the trunk of Casey's car were tested and no blood or DNA was detected. The pieces of clothing from Casey's bedroom also showed no signs of blood and DNA.

George and Cindy Anthony Take Cruise After Interview With 48 Hours

George Cindy Anthony George and Cindy Anthony Take Cruise After Interview With 48 Hours
George and Cindy Anthony Take Cruise After Interview With 48 Hours. Their interview netted them $20,000 and even their attorney got a whopping 3 grand for showing up.
Their intention was to make Casey Anthony appear innocent but personally, I do not think that it worked.
While Jose Baez ans Casey Anthony were in court, trying to get their case thrown out, and only minutes after a judge refused to throw out their daughter’s murder case, George and Cindy Anthony were at Port Canaveral for a four day Bahamian cruise on the Monarch of the Sea.
Now, I do not begrudge them a vacation…but they claim that no one will hire them and they needed the money from to show to make ends meet. Still, I wonder why they didn’t go to Puerto Rico to try and find this mysterious Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez, who Casey Anthony claims to have disappeared with Caylee.
George and Cindy Anthony Take Cruise After Interview With 48 Hours and while they were out cruising about the Caribbean, CBS aired a special edition of “48 Hours” on the mystery surrounding their granddaughter’s death. The Anthony’s received $20,000 for an interview on that CBS special.
Legal analyst Doug Dorner stated that “the timing of their cruise could have counteracted the credibility they might have gained through their network appearance and their credibility is important if they want to be their daughter’s defenders.”
The case against Casey won’t go back to court until December of 2009, and a pre-trial hearing is scheduled in her check fraud case for December 18th, 2009. Those charges against Casey are for stealing checks from her best friend. That’s pretty nasty, isn’t it, Baby Boomers.
Her defense team has asked that the trial be moved out of Orange County, but a judge hasn’t made a decision on that yet.
Though Casey Anthony’s defense team continues to push the notion that someone else killed Caylee Anthony. I don’t think that the general public is buying it…the truth will be in trial.
So many lies in this case to cover up for Casey Anthony. Casey’s mother, Cindy Anthony, addressed her 911 call about the smell of a dead body in her daughter’s car, as…”I said whatever it would take to get the police there quicker,” Cindy Anthony stated in a television interview.
The case against Casey Anthony will go back to court in December of 2009, when a pre-trial hearing is scheduled for December 18th, 2009 in her check fraud case.
Casey Anthony’s lawyers lost a lot of ground on Friday, October 16th, 2009, to get her murder case thrown out.
Then, later on January 25th, 2010, Casey Anthony will have to fight charges that she stole her best friend’s checks and emptied her bank account.
For the full story of “George and Cindy Anthony Take Cruise After Interview With 48 Hours,” go

Casey Anthony Trial Update: No DNA on defendant's clothes or in her car, say defense witnesses

Camille Mann
Daily Blotter
Casey Anthony Trial Update: Defense to call first witness today
Casey Anthony stands in court during her murder trial on Wednesday, June 15, 2011.
 (Credit: AP Photo/Red Huber)
(CBS/WKMG/AP) ORLANDO, Fla. - The defense began presenting its case Thursday in the murder trial of Casey Anthony, who is accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, in 2008.

On day 20 of the trial, the defense called Gerardo Bloise, an Orange County crime scene investigator, as its first witness, reports CBS affiliate WKMG.
Bloise presented photos of Anthony's bedroom and closet, which he examined, using an alternative light source to identify stains. He said he checked the pair of pants he was told Anthony was wearing on June 16, the day the defense says Caylee died, and found no stain on the pants, reports the station.

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Casey Anthony personal photos

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Here are some articles and information to update you on the latest with the Casey Anthony case.

No Acquittal: Casey Anthony Trial Continues as Defense Presents its Case: Watch Live Streaming Internet Video for Latest Updates on Day 20

Casey Anthony Trial Judge Belvin Perry Denies Request for Acquittal
Casey Anthony Trial Judge Belvin Perry Denies Request for Acquittal
The trial of Casey Anthony moves on to day 20 as the defense begins to present its case for Casey Anthony. Yesterday the defense tried to persuade the judge that their was not enough evidence to convict Casey of murder and that she should be acquitted.
The jury was dismissed for the day and the judge deliberated over the decision during a break around 10 AM. When he returned, the judged cited several supreme court decisions which he used as a test for the prosecution’s case and evidence. After citing all of the precedence, the judge ruled that the request for acquittal was denied and that the trial would continue

Cindy Anthony Talks To Investigators About Zanny, Caylee In Newly Released Interview

It was a grueling two-hour interview with Cindy Anthony, where she frequently interrupted and dodged investigators' questions. It ended with them begging her to stop misleading the public, because it was hurting their search for Caylee.
Cindy told a whole new story about where Casey was the first week Caylee was gone during the interview with investigators on August 1. Cindy Anthony relayed to detectives a totally different story Casey told her about where she and Caylee were the week after Caylee had last been seen. Casey said she was working long hours, staying at the Hard Rock Hotel near Universal and at Busch Gardens, where she and the nanny took Caylee on Sunday, then Zanny had a car accident on the way home.
"Zanny had a concussion," Cindy told investigators.
Cindy said she doesn't believe any of it now and that she doesn't believe Caylee was with Zanny.
"I think that Zanny, at this point, was a real person in the beginning, but I think Zanny is now whoever's watching Caylee," Cindy said.
"Do you think we're spinning our wheels looking for a Zanny?" an investigator asked.
"I'm not sure. I have two theories. I think Zanny could either be Amy or Jesse at this point," she told them.
Enlarge Image

Cindy blamed Caylee's disappearance on Casey's ex-fiance Jesse Grund, who investigators say is not a suspect.
Detective Yuri Melich pressed Cindy, as he held her hand, to stop changing her story, because it's hurting their effort to find Caylee.
"I can't stand in front of a newscast and say everything you've told us so far is the same thing that we've said all along, because I can't say that because you've changed it," he told her.
"Are you looking for a live Caylee or a dead Caylee, Yuri?" Cindy asked.
"We're looking for Caylee, Cindy, because we don't know where Caylee is," he replied. "I can't overlook certain things that exist. I can't."
"She's not a murderer. One thing I know is she loves that child," Cindy said.
But detective Yuri Melich confronted Cindy about withholding evidence that could lead to Caylee.
"I asked you for your credit card records. I still don't have it," Melich said.
"I gave you receipts," Cindy replied.
"You can't hold it back," Melich said.
Cindy apparently held back information about Casey borrowing her SUV at the end of June, around the time Casey claimed George had hit an animal with her car causing the horrible odor.
"Casey borrowed your green truck, George followed her and asked you and said she had borrowed your truck," Melich said.
"I don't know," Cindy told him.
"If she walks in today, we'll be here with our tails between our legs, but we have to ask why," investigator Eric Edwards told Cindy.
Cindy Anthony also told detectives that Caylee's father is an old friend of Casey's from school who moved to Tennessee or Kentucky and later died. She said it was a one night thing when both were going through a rough patch and she only remembers his first name was Eric.

crime scene investigator Gerardo Bloise=first witness...

Defense Team Calls First Witness in Casey Anthony Murder Trial  ...

Published June 16, 2011
The defense team in the Casey Anthony murder trial called its first witness Thursday as it began to present its case claiming the Florida mom did not kill her 2-year-old daughter. 

Anthony, 25, an Orlando mother, is accused of first-degree murder in the 2008 death of her daughter, Caylee, whose skeletal remains were found five months after she was reported missing. Anthony has pleaded not guilty. 

Prosecutors say Anthony suffocated the girl by placing duct tape over her nose and mouth, while defense attorneys claim Caylee drowned accidentally in her grandparents' swimming pool. 

The defense called crime scene investigator Gerardo Bloise as its first witness Thursday, a day after the prosecution wrapped up its case in the trial.

Cindy Anthony, the Caylee Marie Anthony Foundation, and a possible reason for it.

OCTOBER 19, 2008
Apparently Cindy Anthony has registered a name that would imply she is starting a foundation in Caylee’s name. This is called registering a “Fictitious Name” and is required when the name is one other than your own.*
The name she registered is CAYLEE MARIE ANTHONY FOUNDATION
Here’s the document filed.——————————-
There have been questions on some of the forums as to whether or not Cindy actually applied for the above name or if an imposter filed it because they thought the signatures were different.
signature in question———————————————————————————————————————————-
verified signature—————————————————————————————————————————————
Document Cindy Anthony’s verified signature is from
I’m not a handwriting expert, so I can’t answer with any real authority, but the signatures look alike to me.
There have also been questions concerning the filing of 2 names–“Caylee Marie Anthony Foundation”, and “Caylee Marie Anthony Foundation, Inc.“ .   The insinuation being she was trying to start 2 separate foundations, but it looks like the filing that included inc was rejected.  Since both were done on the same date I would guess that it was rejected because she was not yet incorporated.  Therefore, she filed the 2nd one with inc. removed.  That just seems to make more sense to me than assuming she was trying to register 2 names. JMO!
Here’s the rejected form.
There is a lot of criticism that the Anthony’s may be trying to profit from Caylee’s disappearance, and that’s no mystery to me.  The bizarre circumstances surrounding Caylee Anthony’s disappearance and seemingly outrageous behavior of her family members have led people to question the Anthony’s motives.  Everyone thinks they would behave better and react differently in the same situation, and I’m as guilty as the next guy for feeling that way.  But the truth is, I’m not walking in their shoes, and who knows what their real feelings and purpose is.  Not me for sure.  So, I’m trying really hard  to look at and at least attempt to understand what they’re doing from THEIR side of the fence.  So here goes.

Cindy Anthony’s Letters to Casey Reveal Her Focus on Casey’s “Beauty” And Possible Manipulative Passive- Agressive “Mind Games”

Reading Cindy’s letters to her daughter  Casey were very disturbing . My first question was a. ) why is  she writing diatribes about how Caylee will be found and how there were sightings as recent as January 2010 when we all know the remains were already found?

b) Why is she so concerned about  her daughter’s looks- her “beauty” a theme also common to George who also seems  overly concerned with his daughter’s looks and  weight gain  when she may be facing a lethal injection c)  why is she sending Casey photos of  Caylee and writing how much Caylee loved her mommy. Was it done to passive aggressively keep reminding  Casey what she did to Caylee?

In George’s words  WHY?WHY? WHY is she doing this?

In my last blog concerning the Anthony’s I discussed George’s concern about Casey’s looks and weight.  Cindy apparently has the same concern with Casey’s looks  as you see above in a 2009 letter to Casey.  First she cuts Casey’s appearance  down by telling her “You look very tired.” Then in the next sentence she builds her up by telling her “You still look beautiful!” complete with exclamation mark for emphasis as she makes a point of Casey’s beauty.
Then she tells Casey how beautiful she looked when she was in Court in January 2010 as you can see above.

No wonder Casey is always seen grooming herself int he courtroom.  From the letters we can now see how much emphasis BOTH  George and Cindy paid to Casey’s appearance. In my view if f they would have put half that energy into paying attention to her  into her personality and correcting  her aberrant behaviors, they wouldn’t have t admire their daughter’s looks from afar in a courtroom where they mostly see the back of her head.

As of 2010, everyone knows it was little Caylee’s skull that was found with the duct tape over the mouth and nose area. They know that Casey’s remains were found. 

So, for Cindy to refer to Caylee sightings as late as January 2010, it seems to me that  possibly Cindy is  

a) so in denial because the truth is too difficult for her to bear, 
b) so out of it on medication that her memory is affected
c) is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s or
d)is writing these letters and reference to Caylee, as a form of manipulation in creating ” reasonable doubt”

I choose (d).Cindy is no dummy. Just as she knows all the videos will be seen,  she knows that all the letters  she writes to Casey will be seen and read/ Therefore , she knows that by writing about a Caylee  sighting,  if those letters become pieces of evidence they will be  used by the defense as a possible way to establish reasonable doubt.

Cindy is clearly being manipulative in my opinion and knows exactly what she is doing here. She even mentions  Zani’s half brother Hector as you see in her letter above, when she very well knows that there is no  Zani the nanny and definitely no Hector, which she wrote in parenthesis.

What is most telling about Cindy’s manipulation is how she began the sentence regarding the alleged Caylee sighting by writing”  the words“ I don’t want to upset  you.” To me it seems that is  EXACTLY what she wants to do with Casey- upset her.
She knows exactly what buttons to push with her sociopathic daughter. She knows exactly what will upset Casey.

No doubt, her interference,   trying to take control, getting involved in the case, and talking about Caylee sightings is no doubt  of those upsetting things.

I can also imagine how many times he bugs Jose Baez. In her letters she even says how overwhelmed her is. In writing that, she is no doubt trying to justify why he most likely ignores her and doesn’t respond to her. She even writes to Casey telling her to have the jail chaplain call her. I am sure that plea went unheeded as well.

The one thing that Casey is no doubt happy about is that she doesn’t have to deal with Cindy. She can shut her out by not allowing her to visit her in jail. From George’s letters we have seen that it is clearly Casey’s choice as to whom she allows or does not allow to see her in jail. George knows that it has to do with him personally as he begs for Casey to allow him to see her even for a minute.

But Cindy lives in the illusion that Casey is refusing to see her because the media would scrutinize their vista. As far as Casey is concerned, that is the furthest thing from the truth. She simply does not want to see Cindy just like she has no interest in seeing George. After all Cindy is the one who put her in by  calling  the police on her . There is no doubt Casey blames Cindy for her predicament and wants nothing to do with her.

So Cindy can do all the begging and pleading to see Casey, but Casey will not budge. The only good thing about her being in jail in Casey’s mind  is that she doesn’t have to be around Cindy. She can’t even bring herself to look at Cindy as evidenced when she is in the courtroom and ignores her mother and father.

Why in the world is Cindy sending Casey so many photos of Caylee and various developmental stages in her babyhood? In my view it is  to serve as a  reminder to Casey of what she  did to Caylee.
The  photo  above of  Casey and Caylee   together was no doubt sent by Cindy to say. ” you killed a child who  looked like you.”  Cindy even emphasizes her point by  mentioning  in the letter  “I can’t get over how much Caylee resembled you.”
Cindy is not done with Casey yet. She attempts to make Casey feel guilty and remorseful for killing Caylee-( emotions which sociopathic Casey cannot and will not ever feel) by sending her an infant photo of Caylee with the following post it note attached to it that says “She was trying to tell us something even then. She loves her momma.”

To me this is a sickening display of passive aggressive manipulation in Cindy’s part.
The note is then signed “Caylee” in Cindy’s writing. If that isn’t a”head game” I don’t know what else is. Cindy is obviously saying” look what you did to this little baby who did nothing but innocently  love you .

What is written between those lines by Cindy speaks volumes.But Cindy doesn’t get it! Cindy doesn’t get that no matter how many photos or notes she sends Casey with regard to Caylee, Casey, doesn’t care! It means nothing to her. She doesn’t feel guilt or upset that she killed Casey. She feels relief that Casey is gone. The only upset she feels is a) when Cindy annoys her and b) that she got caught and is now in jail so she can’t party.Those are the extent of Casey Anthony’s feelings.

Cindy also tries to get to Casey by rubbing Mallory, Lee’s girlfriend in her face. No doubt this annoys Casey. After all Casey  was the star of the family whom everyone  doted on.

So now that Casey has to hear about Mallory I am sure that this is not music to narcissistic eyes, let alone ears.

Cindy goes on about how Mallory does this or that and how happy Lee is with Mallory and how Lee and Mallory are so cute  together. That is yet another reason Casey want’s nothing to do with Cindy.

The above statement from Cindy even supplying Casey with paper and and a self addressed  envelope shows how desperate she is to get Casey to write. There is no way Casey will do that, especially if Cindy wants her to do so. No matter how many blank sheets of paper or envelopes Cindy provides, Casey is not writing her.

Cindy knows this. So to save face so she won’t look like she is a groveling like we saw George do in his letters. she casually asks Casey to simply drop her a line even if it is to say Hi. She is even willing to settle for a “Hi” on a blank sheet of paper  hopefully sent in a self addressed envelope.


In her letters, Cindy consistently tells Casey to continue to  fight. In doing so is she telling Casey to continue to lie? It seems that way to me. What is she fighting for? What can Casey possibly say at this point? She lied about so much.

Then Cindy writes Casey about a dream that Casey was back home and how she prays Casey is “back home with us.”That is about all Cindy can do- dream and pray as the only home Casey will ever go to  is a small prison cell and perhaps  a coffin where she will be housed after she is executed for torturing and killing Casey.

Cindy also tells Casey “Don’t let them win.” In saying this is she encouraging Casey to continue to lie about what really happened to Caylee? This isn’t a game where one wins or loses. This is serious reality to find out the truth so that justice can be served.


There is no doubt in my mind that Cindy must be feeling tremendous  guilt for the death of Caylee.

After all she was the one who told Casey that she was going to keep Caylee and throw Caylee out. Had she never said such a thing to Casey. perhaps Caylee might be alive today.

She tries to pass that guilt on to Casey by sending her pictures and making manipulative statements that will never affect Casey, who does not have any feelings of guilt.

Cindy’s attempts at manipulating Casey to get her to feel guilt are really Cindy’s deep rooted feelings of her own  guilt. I imagine she has guilt for  how  poorly she raised Casey, how she didn’t set boundaries, or use enough tough love and how she let Casey get away with way too much for way too long.

Deep down Cindy knows what is going on. But for now. she tries to remain the loyal and supportive  parent  to Casey out of her own guilt. There is no doubt that when this is all over, her recovery time and her freedom from her guilt  will be quick.


If Casey is sent away for life or dies by lethal injection, my thoughts are that  Cindy will quickly move on.  Why I say that has a lot to do with the handwriting in her letters to Casey.

The slant of the writing is consistently upwards, unlike George’s which is consistently slanting downwards. Generally, when handwriting is slanted upwards it usually means happiness and optimism as opposed to a downward pessimistic and depressed outlook.

Maybe subconsciously, Cindy is happy that Casey is where she belongs- in jail. Maybe deep down she is happy that Casey is being punished for what she did to her beloved Caylee.

Maybe Cindy  is happy that Casey is locked up and she doesn’t have to deal with her stealing money or her lies any more. After all it was Cindy who made sure that the police was called so they could lock Casey  up. Maybe Cindy is optimistic that once Casey is finally out of her life for good, she will be more optimistic about her own future.

Personally, I believe that  she will use  what happened with Casey and Caylee as a vehicle for her own purpose and her own future -  to make a lot of money . This will be in keeping of what she wrote to Casey, regarding” Caylee not dying in vain”
For starters,  Cindy  will most likely  write a book and get a huge advance.  In fact it has been said that she is writing a book now.  Perhaps George’s essay  that he read on Fox 35, ” Under the Microscope” may have been part of his book proposal that he too will write.

If Cindy’s book becomes a reality, no doubt she will make a lot of money from the serial rights, foreign rights,  speaking tours, and may even  get paid  top dollar for exclusive interviews from various media outlets.

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Cindy Anthony


 Mother of Casey Anthony. Grandmother of Caylee Anthony.
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 Mother of Casey Anthony. Grandmother of Caylee AnthonySee more »

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Cindy Anthony: Don't Let Them Destroy You

Letters Written To Casey Anthony Released

POSTED: 11:23 am EST January 28, 2011
UPDATED: 6:22 pm EST January 29, 2011

Cindy Anthony

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Letters Cindy Anthony wrote to her daughter, Casey Anthony, were released to the public Friday.
In the letters, Cindy reflects on how infrequently she is able to see Casey -- inside an Orange County courtroom during status hearings ahead of the 24-year-old's murder trial.

“I waited and hoped for a moment of contact yesterday, but it never happened.” Cindy wrote. “I leaned back and watched you on the TV monitor on the wall in the courthouse so I could at least see your face.”

In one of the letters, Cindy wrote that she will keep writing to her Casey, despite her certainty that her words will be made public.

“How much more of this insanity are we supposed to endure? Again, the state has released your letters. How in the world do they continue to get away with saying that they’re part of discovery?” Cindy wrote.

Cindy wrote that she thinks investigators are working to “isolate” Casey and discourage anyone from writing to her.

READ: Letter 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

"They are still waiting for you to crack. I will not let that happen,” Cindy said in the letter. “I don’t care who reads my letters.”

In the same letter, it appears Cindy attempts to reassure Casey that her brother and father support her.

“Lee has always been a very private person, so his wisdom has kept him away from most of this nonsense,” Cindy wrote.

In most of the letters, Cindy wrote about her faith and said that Psalms 25 and 55 help her sleep at night.

“Don’t let them destroy you.," Cindy wrote. "Hold on to the truth and know that Jesus is with you. He will protect you from your enemies.”

Cindy signed another letter after writing, "I'm proud of you."

Cindy also wrote about the media and said she worries about fabricated news stories.

“It makes me sick that I don’t even have some of the pictures of Caylee that they do,” Cindy said.

She referred to a reporter as “Little Ms. witchy pooh,” said certain questions sickened her and reflected on what she believes is a false opinion about her feelings toward Caylee.

“I am tired of being treated as if Caylee didn’t mean anything to me. Just because I don’t agree with them on who took her from me, doesn’t mean that I am not a victim in this," Cindy wrote.

Read more:

Casey Anthony trial: Details emerge about her clothes, hair, makeup and lunches

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While photos of evidence, expert witness testimony and details of Casey Anthony's private life unfold in her first-degree-murder case, some of our readers have asked who provides her clothes, makeup and lunch during trial.
Q: Who supplies the clothes Casey wears at trial?
A: Her defense team is responsible for selecting her wardrobe, although her family could provide her attorneys with garments as well. All clothing is screened for contraband at the jail, then handed to the inmate in the courthouse holding cell, where she can change.
Q: Is she allowed to wear makeup in court?
A: Yes, but only makeup purchased through the jail's commissary. Her latest purchase report shows she bought two black eyebrow pencils ($1.45 each) and mascara ($1.35) on June 2. The only other available cosmetic at the commissary is lipstick ($1.25).
Q: Who cuts her hair?
A: She does her own hair. Because she is under protective custody — meaning she is not allowed to have contact with other inmates — jail officials allow her to snip her hair with clippers (not scissors) while a corrections officer supervises. Regular inmates usually cut each other's hair with clippers.
Q: What does she eat during meal breaks at the courthouse?
A: The jail supplies all inmates appearing in court with a bag lunch that includes two sandwiches filled with deli cuts and cheese; a serving of fruit; cookies; and a beverage in a carton. Inmates are not allowed to eat anything other than what the jail provides.

Casey Anthony Trial: Cheney Mason Argues Elequently For Acquittal!

It occurred to me this morning, as I was making my coffee, that today, June 16th, marks the three year anniversary of when the State of Florida asserts Casey Anthony murdered her own daughter (Caylee Marie Anthony), by first poisoning her with chloroform, then applying three pieces of duct tape to her mouth and nose, thus suffocating the child to death.

casey anthony twenty oneYesterday the defense argued eloquently for acquittal of the defendant, but nonetheless Judge Belvin Perry rejected this motion for acquittal. One line from Judge Perry supports his denial. "The state has established substantial competent evidence for the jury - which is the trier of fact in the case - to decide."

linda burdickDefense attorney Cheney Mason argued with force and persuasion that the State has not even proved that a murder occurred. The cause of death is unknown. Only the manner of death was established, to rule Caylee`s death as a homicide.

cheney masonMason argued (successfully in my opinion) that Orange-Osceola Chief Medical Examiner Jan Garavaglia`s determination of homicide was mere speculation.

A line spoken crisply by Mr. Mason cast a pall of reasonable doubt in this case. "There is no evidence to establish when the child died, other than a monthly window of possibility, where she died, how she died, who, if anyone, was with her in attendance when she died."

For the charge of child abuse, Cheney Mason reminded the court that all the witnesses called by the prosecution had emphasized that Casey had been a loving, doting mother to the cute infant. I recalled that all the photograph and motion picture footage that I`ve seen is in support of this assertion.

"In this case there is no evidence of anything other than a caring, loving, mother-child relationship." If a friend or family member knew otherwise, no one has ever come forward to contradict this brazen statement by Mr. Mason.

True, Casey has been caught in many lies, such as Zanny the Nanny, but Cheney reminded the court this fib had been around since 2006, two years prior to Caylee`s death.

Not that the prosecutor Linda Drane Burdick fumbled the ball in any way; Ms. Burdick clarified the State has presented their case systematically and professionally.

I must note, they have presented 130 pieces of compelling evidence. If I tried hard enough, I could probably list these items for you right here. But have they proved premeditation? And have they proved motive?

The premeditation is shown by way of suspicious computer searches. But how has the State connected Casey directly to the computer searches? For the motive, Linda claims it`s the volatile and troubled relationship that exists between Cindy and Casey. But when and where was this demonstrated? Cindy never said anything, when on the witness stand, about a mother/daughter major altercation of any sort.

Last Updated: June 16. 2011 7:17AM

Metro Detroit expert to testify in Casey Anthony trial

Josh Katzenstein/ The Detroit News

A former Metro Detroit medical examiner who is expected to testify in the Casey Anthony trial this week said Wednesday that based on his findings, Anthony may be innocent in the death of her 2-year-old daughter in 2008.

"The medical examiner and the police (in Orlando, Fla.) determined that the cause of death was undeterminable and the manner of death was homicide," Dr. Werner Spitz of Grosse Pointe Shores told The Detroit News.

"If you don't know what she died of, how do you know it was a homicide?"

Spitz, 84, consulted with police on the JonBenet Ramsey murder case and served on multiple committees examining the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. He has worked as the medical examiner for Wayne County and Macomb County. He now has an office in St. Clair Shores and performs private autopsies in addition to consulting work.

Anthony's defense attorneys will begin calling witnesses today in the trial that began May 24.
Two-year-old Caylee Anthony disappeared in June 2008, and police found her remains near her mother's home in December 2008. Casey Anthony is being charged with first-degree murder and will face the death penalty if convicted.

Spitz flew to Orlando shortly after Caylee's body was found to perform an autopsy on behalf of defense attorneys Jose Baez and Linda Kenney-Baden.

He said the medical examiner who first looked at the body never opened the skull, and thus did not perform a thorough autopsy.

"The brain had never been examined. The skull had not been opened. That's really almost unheard of," Spitz said.

"Even if the brain is decomposed there is a lot of information you can get from the skull."
Although Spitz didn't discover the cause of death during his examination, he said he could think of "a dozen" diagnoses other than homicide, including an accident, as the defense claims.

Spitz also said the duct tape that allegedly suffocated Caylee might have been placed on the body after her death. Photographs showed duct tape around her mouth, even though the body had no remaining skin or soft tissue to adhere to the tape, Spitz said.

Casey Anthony compared to convicted child murderer Susan Smith

  • June 16, 2011 5:23 am ET
Orlando, Fla. - As the highly-publicized Casey Anthony murder trial continues to fascinate the public, some have begun to see parallels between the Florida mother accused of murder and convicted child killer Susan Smith, who's serving a life sentence for killing her two young sons.

Casey Anthony murder trial focuses on 'trash' versus 'garbage'

Prosecutors and defense counsel in the Casey Anthony murder trial argue over how to describe a plastic bag of refuse found in the trunk of her car. Does it link to the body of Caylee Anthony?

George, Cindy Anthony apply for trademark to Caylee Anthony’s name

May 18th, 2011 by Pamela Wallace | Permalink
The Anthony's file trademark rights over Caylee's name
George and Cindy Anthony feel the need to trademark their granddaughters name, Caylee Anthony, photo via social media
In a strange move, CNN is reporting that George and Cindy Anthony have applied for trademarks on their granddaughter’s name Caylee Anthony, as well as the phrase “Justice for Caylee” to prevent others from using or profiting from the slain Florida toddler’s likeness, the couple’s lawyer said Tuesday.
In addition, the Anthony’s have sent a letter of demand to a California company called “Cafe Press,” to require them to stop selling a slew of merchandise labeled “Justice for Caylee.” The items included T-shirts, boxer shorts, thongs, aprons, Christmas stockings and pet food bowls.
“This website is an affront to the memory of Caylee Anthony and the family will not tolerate the malicious production of her name in any format,” stated a May 17 letter from Orlando attorney Mark Lippman  to Cafepress’ legal department.
Spokes persons from Cafe Press state they have not received the letter as of yet. They also maintain they do not create the content on its site, the representatives said. The designs are created by consumers, who upload them to the site.
The Anthony’s daughter, Casey Anthony is being charged with first-degree murder in the death of their granddaughter – Casey’s daughter – Caylee.

FBI TAPES RELEASED - George Anthony & Cindy Anthony


Anonymous said...

just in reading this i have a weird feeling the Mother Cindy perhaps was in on this!!!!!

Natasha Call said...

She most definitely was on this! She had a lot to do with this situation. While there will always be the question as to whether Casey Anthony killed her daughter or whether it was an accident, Cindy Anthony is certainly highly responsible and acts as if she is not responsible at all. If it were my child on trial, I would stand by her, even if I thought she could have done goodness, Casey Anthony is her own daughter! Could Cindy Anthony be jealous of Casey and George? That thought has gone around the forums. In any case, Casey Anthony was born into a psychotic family environment where up means down and right means left. This is a fascinating and sickening case! said...

Pretty helpful piece of writing, thanks so much for your post.