Friday, April 8, 2011

Japan Quake & Tsunami Caused By HAARP Because Japan Wouldn't Go Along With The New World Order?

All of this because Japan doesn't want to go along with the New World Order plan? So they need to be forced into agreeing with it through a tragedy? Is it the same thing for the countries in the Middle East? Are they really planning on triggering the super volcano in Yellowstone? That is one rumor and earthquakes are becoming more frequent there and stronger. Is Japan being put through a non-conventional nuclear war?

Fear-Mongering by the U.S.

The nuclear reactors were being brought under control. Then, HAARP was used to create another large quake, causing the electricity to be out in those reactors again and causing problems at another atomic plant.

Are things being hidden and distractions being provided so that we don't see that all of these things happening are actually all connected? How about New Zealand? Don't forget about the quakes in New Zealand...which are now being ignored.

"Well, Middle Eastern countries have successfully used HAARP to create rain in the Abu Dahbi Desert. That is actually a fact. Last year (2010) they documented 30 thunderstorms that they successfully created with this technology. This is a big deal. Israel and Russia have supposedly have had or began developing this technology since the Cold War. The US and Canada traded info about weather control in 1997. We have a huge HAARP station near the University of Alaska, which, when they run weather "experiments" they direct the technology over the ocean. The frequency they use is very intense. Potentially, if directed straight into the ocean, the frequency is powerful enough that it "could" cause an earthquake. The United States has this technology, just Google it. The conspiracy theory is that the technology is being used for weather / disaster related warfare. Think about this, Japan has been in dispute with China over certain land-boundary issues (CIA website) and the US has been building trade relations with China. I don't think you will ever find anything that confirms that HAARP caused the massive earthquake. I guess you'll just have to wonder about it, like the rest of us..."

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