Monday, March 28, 2011

Chemtrails, Morgellons, Weapons Tests, Lung Cancer, All Related.

Are there really "Chemtrails" or is this another government conspiracy?

"They begin as a contrail...but do not fade away like a normal contrail"

Are chemtrails causing "colony collapse disorder" in bees?

"U.S. Admits Chemical Weapons Tests"


"Chemtrails contain levels of barium that are more than 3 times the toxic level set by the EPA."

Attaching bacteria to spiderwebs to see how they adapt and survive.


The public is not supposed to know what is happening to them.

Increase in lung cancer.

We are the guinea pigs.

Why do they have the right to experiment on us?

This is not fictional.

This is real.

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Anonymous said...

My investigations lead to the following conclusions: 1. This aerosol spraying (chemtrail) program has multiple functions. 2. It's an element in weather control and manipulation - rain can be induced or inhibited. 3. There's an observable fallout from these operations - dry rain - elevated dust concentrations: under the microscope this dust looks like nothing in nature; there are hollow fibres loaded with pathogens. 3. cancer rates are soaring as are resiratory diseases - U.N. Agenda 21 mentions Upper Respiratory Diseases several times as in epidemic proportions. 4. this fits with the depopulation program now in progress.