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Mount Bulusan Erupts...February 20, 2011...developing story

Mount Bulusan Erupts: Major Volcano Eruption In Philippines

Mount Bulusan Erupts
First Posted: 02/20/11 08:55 PM Updated: 02/20/11 08:59 PM

Philippines volcano Mount Bulusan erupted on Monday morning at 9:15 a.m. local time, per the ABS-CBN News Channel.
Ash and steam from the explosion reached as high as 2 kilometers, according to the report.
The Philippine Daily Inquirer posted this photo of the Mount Bulusan eruption to Posterous.
Journalist Harold Geronimo of Manila, Philippines, was the first to report the eruption on Twitter, sending this tweet from his Blackberry minutes after the eruption.
Mount Bulusan had increased volcanic activity in November 2010, spewing ash and steam over several days (the photo above is from Nov. 2010). Families were evacuated at the time.
This is a developing story...

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