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Were the birds committing suicide?

Dead bird new reports: It was like the birds committed suicide says witnesses

  • January 13th, 2011 5:01 pm ET
The dead birds and dead fish events take a new twist today. The dead birds found on Highway 101 this weekend had a witness to the event. The witness watched as the birds flew into a tractor trailer truck. The witness said it was as if the “birds were committing suicide.” Today more dead birds are found along the highway in Alabama, with authorities believing that they too ran into a tractor trailer truck, according to the Huffington Post. Why are the birds flying into objects and killing themselves.
The dead bird and dead fish events world wide has sparked the interest of many, who cannot help wonder what the cause of all this carnage is?
In Bebe Arkansas, the officials said it looked like the birds just ran into everything from buildings to trees, killing themselves from the impact. They believed the birds were scared first, causing them to do this. "The birds were frightened by fireworks theory" does not hold water. Something is causing all these birds to run head on into objects rendering them dead!
Witnesses who reported the seeing the birds in Kentucky and Arkansas hit the ground, said that they heard a  swishing as it appeared the birds nose dived into the ground. The site was eerie, reported the bystanders according to an article on Topix.
Are the mass dead birds events the results of the birds killing themselves by flying head on into objects and the ground? What is happening to the birds world wide that would make them do this?
The State of Connecticut has a dead bird hot line, so to speak. It is a phone number set up to report findings of dead birds throughout the state. This phone line was set up to help the State of Connecticut authorities to track the bird flu, and his nothing to do with the dead bird events seen world wide in the last few weeks. If Connecticut were to have a dead bird event, it would most likely not go unnoticed after all the publicity of the last few days.
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