Friday, January 7, 2011

More Dead Birds? Or am I just losing track of all of the stories?

Dead birds in West Texas?

Reported by: Chase Thomason
Last Update: 1/06 11:19 pm
More birds are showing up dead and now they are found in West Texas. Plainview Animal Control was called in to pick up about 35 dead grackles found in a parking lot Sunday morning.
State game wardens say there is no cause for concern. They suspect the birds probably fell victim to turbulent wind currents Saturday night that dashed the small flock to the ground.  
Lubbock captain Bill Jones said other natural causes like contaminated water, freezing temperatures, or spoiled grain are common culprits.
“I can see where people are getting concerned because you have one inLouisiana and one in Arkansas. Bird die-offs are not uncommon, especially inTexas as large as it is where multiple of things could just happen. Birds, I won't say they are unhealthy but it doesn't take a lot to kill them,” said Jones.
People around the country are calling this an 'aflockalypse'.  Over the past two weeks around 200 birds were reported dead in TylerTX and in Kentucky, 500 inLouisiana and 5,000 dead in Arkansas.
Fish are showing up dead as well, 100,000 in Arkansas while 2 million fish washed up on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland.

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