Thursday, January 13, 2011

"Global Warming theories are way off"

Another Mass Animal Die-off

Jason Douglass
January 11, 2011

Another mass die-off is underway along Chiacgo’s lakefront involving thousands of gizzard shad.
The small fish, which are members of the herring family, are more sensitive to drops in oxygen levels than other fish according to Dan Makauskas Lake Michigan Program biologist who consulted with Chicago Sun-Times.

Carl Vizzone, a North Side fisherman was the first to document the incident. Vizzone noticed Canada geese and mallards eating the dying shad in open water by DuSable and Diversey harbors. “This is not normal” Vizzone told Chicago Sun-Times.

Lake oxygen levels can vary depending on many factors. This die-off could be caused by the early winter that hit Chicago. Increased ice concentration cuts off the lake from the atmosphere and the sun. Ice blocks light and oxygen from penetrating the surface of the lake. Light is essential for the oxygen producing process known as photosynthesis.

According to Water on the Web:
The development of anoxia in lakes is most pronounced in thermally stratified systems in summer and under the ice in winter when the water mass is cut-off from the atmosphere. Besides the direct effects on aerobic organisms, anoxia can lead to increased release of phosphorus from sediments that can fuel algal blooms when mixed into the upper euphotic (sunlit) zone. It also leads to the buildup of chemically reduced compounds such as ammonium and hydrogen sulfide (H2S, rotten egg gas) which can be toxic to bottom dwelling organisms. In extreme cases, sudden mixing of H2S into the upper water column can cause fish kills.

This is another clear sign that ‘global warming’ theories are way off base and have little to do with reality.

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