Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dead Fish in Florida, Dead Birds in Texas

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Thousands of fish found dead in Florida, 200 dead birds in Texas

The mysterious spate of mass fish and bird deaths continues as the latest two separate incidents see thousands of fish floating in a warm creek in Florida and 200 birds strewn across a bridge in Texas.
Experts yesterday were still carrying out tests on the dozens of dead jackdaws that fell from the sky in the town of Falkoeping in Sweden, as reported in Digital Journal. These birds join the casualty list of 5,000 red-winged blackbirdsthat fell from the sky only days ago in Beebe, AR, and now some media quarters have termed the animal death mysteriesAflockalypse.
On the Brazilian coastline around 100 tons of sardines, catfish and croaker have washed up dead along the coastline near Paranaguá. This follows the death of 40,000 crabs found dead along the Kent coast and thousands of New Zealand snapper littering the Coromandel Peninsula beaches.
Hundreds of dead starlings and robins have been found dead in back gardens of Gilbertsville residents in Kentucky and two million dead fish have washed ashore in Chesapeake Bay, Maryland.
According to the Mail Online, New Year fireworks, hail and thunder, cold weather, parasites and even poisoning are possible theories behind the global phenomena.
Conspiracy theorists have also been busy - secret government experiments, HAARP events and the end of the Mayan calendar have all been mentioned in on-line forums.
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