Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Beware of Twitter Worm (A Virus Thingy)

"We have received multiple reports that a new, convincing, and dangerous worm and phishing scam is making the rounds on Twitter. Hacked accounts are sending DMs to users and stealing their login information. In fact, one of our own has received one of these direct messages....

...If you get this DM, DO NOT VISIT THE LINK. It takes you to a replica of the Twitter() login page where the hackers will steal your account and use it to send out more infected DMs to your friends." -- Mashable

"Thelatest one, a worm called Koobface, has hit all the social networks, includingFacebook, MySpace, hi5, Bebo and Twitter, and can riddle your network with malware,spyware and can steal sensitive data right from your workstations’ hard drives.Like past generations of computer bugs, Koobface wants to not only infect yourcomputer, but then use you as a jumping off point to infect others. But unlike past viruses, Koobface and similarnew malware programs are leveraging your company’s social network account toreach out and infect your online friends and business associates.

“Somewherein the world there are some guys sitting around and dreaming up things thatwill make you click on a link,” said Chip Reaves, global director of ComputerTroubleshooters, the largest international network of outsourced IT providersthat offers onsite computer services to small businesses. “Koobface’s most effective way to spread isto send links to your friends with text like ‘I can’t believe it’s you in thisvideo – were you sober? LOL!’ Koobface combines state-of-the-art software whichcan infect your computer in multiple ways with these creative lures designed tomake you want to click on the infected links. It’s pretty insidious.” -- Booty Daily

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