Thursday, August 6, 2009

Obama, Russians, Reichsadler

If you haven't heard already, Russia is showing it's capable of force (or at least a show) just off the East coast of the United States.

"WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Two Russian attack submarines have been cruising in the Atlantic off the East Coast of the United States, a senior defense official said Wednesday.

Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell said their presence is not causing alarms to go off.

"So long as they are operating in international waters, as, frankly, we do around the world, and are behaving in a responsible way, they are certainly free to do so, and it doesn't cause any alarm within this building," he said.

It has been years since Russia operated near the U.S. seaboard, thousands of miles from home ports.

"What's interesting is, they haven't been able to do this in some time, and now they are. It indicates a return to their ability to do this," the senior defense official said.

He viewed the patrol as an example of Russia showing the United States and the world its expeditionary forces, part of a continuing trend. He said the Russians have recently been a partner in anti-piracy operations around the world. And last year the Russian Navy conducted a "tour around the world," pulling into ports throughout Latin America."

Perhaps they are only celebrating the new health care reform...or at least the logo. Just take a look below. The logo to the left is the official health care reform logo from The logo to the right is the official Reichsadler logo.

Interesting, eh? Actually, not shocking either. That is the sad part.

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