Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Health Officials Admit Swine Vaccine Could Cause Deaths

Burning question...will the Swine Flu Vaccine cause dealths like it did in the '70s? Like adding fuel to the already out-of-control, burning fire, here is the answer...

"Czech Republic Refuses Baxter Swine Flu Vaccine On Safety Grounds
Health officials admit fast tracked shots could cause deaths

Government health officials in the Czech Republic have refused to buy H1N1 flu vaccines from US pharmaceutical firm Baxter International, citing safety concerns.

According to a report by the Czech News Agency CTK, one of the largest English language news outlets in the country, the Czech Health Ministry has halted talks with Baxter citing “the firm’s inability to guarantee that the vaccine is safe and who will bear the risks for possible side-effects.”

The country plans to buy vaccines to cover 25 percent of its population of ten million, but has said it will not buy swine flu vaccine from Baxter before it has acquired a European registration.

“It is a pity, but, unfortunately, at the moment when we accepted the bids, Baxter was unable to confirm that it will deliver a registered vaccine,” Health Minister Dana Juraskova said.

Instead, the country will likely buy its supplies from Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline, but only after the vaccines have undergone regular clinical tests and gained European Medicines Agency registration.

In another CTK report, Deputy Health minister Marek Snajdr was quoted as saying the vaccine “may have side effects and it may even cause death if used”.

Confirmed cases of H1N1 flu in the country remain below 150, according to all estimates, and no one has died from the virus."

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