Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Roll of Duct Tape.

Promoting peaceful U.S.-International relations?

"KIEV, Ukraine -- U.S. Vice President Joe Biden chastised Ukraine's political leadership on Wednesday, saying Kiev risks squandering its celebrated Orange Revolution through continuous governmental infighting that has stalemated urgently needed economic reforms....

But in sometimes harsh tones, Mr. Biden said the 2004 revolution, in which pro-democracy protesters overthrew a Russian-backed leadership accused of electoral fraud, was one "whose promise remains to be fulfilled" by Ukraine's current leaders....

U.S. experts on the region expected Mr. Biden to address the issue with leaders only behind closed doors." -- Read More From Source Here

Here is an inexpensive method that is sure to offer outstanding U.S.-International rewards. $4.00 or less will get the Obama administration a pretty good roll of duct tape. Anyone have any better solutions?

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