Wednesday, July 1, 2009

IOU. Redeemable following the Second Coming.

So, I decided to give you an IOU today for my post. Yep, just want to be hip and happ'nin'. Up with the times. I mean, it seems that California is setting a new trend with the IOU. I think I like it! No more credit, just IOU's. Awesome! I think I'll send one out there for my Visa bill payment this month. Or, how about the mortgage payment...yeah, that is more like it. Never fear, the IOU is here. Since I am not drawing on credit for it, I shouldn't feel bad right? I'm good for it, don't yah know.

Has the world lost its axis tilt balance? Are we all going to go flying off into space because the law of gravity has disappeared? Is everyone going insane?

Of course, the one thing that usually gets cut from budgets is education. Heck, we ain't in need of no formal education anymore. We's can do it all wit'out no formal education.

Kids just need the educational system for daycare while "parents" work for the "material possessions" they can't really afford while their kids are trapped in a classroom full of 45 kids to one teacher who gets paid under $30,000 a year to put up with the kids misbehaving because they don't see their parents until 9pm.

I think I must feel strongly about that, eh? No offense to those parents who have to work...really have to work.

Oh, and on that can redeem it following the Second Coming...which essentially means you really won't have to wait very long.

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