Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Health Care Czar?

Being unsure that Obama won't find some back channel to push his health care legislation/program through, it doesn't surprise me that there is a bit of delay.

"A key House committee on Tuesday indefinitely postponed voting on health care reform legislation after Democratic leaders were unable to line up enough votes from moderate members of their own party.

The House Energy and Commerce Committee canceled the session as it faced serious concerns about the legislation from fiscally conservative Blue Dog Democrats, who hold a large number of seats on the panel. The Energy and Commerce Committee is the only House panel with jurisdiction over health care that has not completed writing its version of the reform bill.

President Obama plans to meet with those Democrats Tuesday. He stressed before going into the meeting that lawmakers have already forged unprecedented consensus on health care and expressed confidence that they could finish what they started." Source Here

I'm sure that the orating Obama will find the right words, be they true or false, to persuade enough members of the Washington machine to vote in favor of his legislation. If not, I'm sure he will put a czar in charge of the new health care program.

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