Monday, July 13, 2009

Arms Race...Again.

McCain Moves to Block Funding for F-22 Jets
Sen. John McCain, along with Michigan Democrat Carl Levin, files an amendment to cut extra money for seven more F-22's -- in an unusual alliance with President Obama.

WASHINGTON -- Sen. John McCain, in an unusual alliance with the Obama administration, moved Monday to eliminate $1.75 billion recently inserted into the proposed 2010 defense budget for more fighter jets from Lockheed Martin.

The Arizona Republican, along with Michigan Democrat Carl Levin, filed an amendment to cut the extra money for seven more F-22's. The Senate Armed Services Committee last month narrowly approved the additional funding requested by Georgia Republican Saxby Chambliss.

McCain and Levin, the committee's chairman, voted against the additional funds. The full Senate may vote on the defense spending bill this week. The House last month voted to include a $369 million down payment for 12 additional fighters to its version of the defense bill.

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With our aging military equipment, it looks like we are headed for another arms race...

The most powerful battlefield laser in development, and one of the most ambitious weapon systems to date, the Airborne Laser is designed to prove that a megawatt-class chemical laser mounted on a large aircraft (in this case, a 747) can shoot down a long-range ballistic missile before it escapes the atmosphere.

Critics have long derided every aspect of the project, from its cost overruns to the limited scope and Hollywood overtones of its proposed mission. What nation would be reckless enough to launch a missile at the United States, and foolish enough to telegraph the blow, providing the advance warning necessary to deploy a laser-armed 747?

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But, is the Internet where we really need to focus our attention?

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