Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cyber Czar to Religion Czar.

News we all know is coming has broken regarding the formation of a new "cyber czar" position in the federal government. This person will have the task of control over the Internet in this country, this great, free, United States of America.

In other words, there goes the freedom of expression, the freedom of speech, the freedom of the press, and multiple other Constitutional and Amended rights and freedoms that we all, up to this point, have taken for granted.

Sure, it has been shown that those utilizing the Internet for terrorism sleeper cell development, or recipes for bombs have already found their endeavors rightly policed. However, there are "individuals" like Perez Hilton who have used techniques similar to those in the terror and murder business to terrorized or emotionally rape his victims through the use of mainstream or alternate media outlets.

So, when it comes to the policing of cyber space, do you think that the same thought process will be given to someone whose online science experiment could actually blow up a building as someone whose online human slandering and mental insanity could actually ruin a person's family stability or cause a person harm? Probably not. This, because our nation must be "diverse" and "tolerant" of idiots who will eventually cause, at least, California, to fall into the Pacific.

"The WP reports that Obama is likely to announce later this week that he will create a new "cyber czar," a senior official who will be in charge of figuring out ways to protect government and private computer networks. The official will have a broad mandate to deal with a range of issues and will probably be a member of the National Security Council while reporting both to the national security adviser and to the president's senior economic adviser. But the ultimate goal is that this new czar would be able to "pick up the phone and contact the president directly, if need be," an administration official said." --

Most likely, this "czar" will wind up adding a few people to the federal payroll, expanding the government's hand into all of the rest of our freedoms including our imagination. Please, can the Second Coming please come?!?...Now!?!?!?...Before we have a "religion czar"?!!

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