Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fear Mongering. New Tactic.

I know that I have been somewhat to blame over the last couple of days for passing on the information about Swine Flu. However, is it interesting in a disturbing sort of way to anyone else that the information about this strain of flu is being blown out of proportion?!

Look at the center of this quote from an article today on Yahoo News
"On Monday morning, a 5.6 earthquake in Mexico added to that country's woes, where the death count from suspected swine flu cases had climbed to 152 and more than 1,600 people across the nation had fallen ill. So far, laboratories have confirmed only 26 of Mexico's cases, including seven deaths, as swine flu. In an effort to stem further spread of the apparently deadly disease"

Did you notice how low the numbers actually are (bold added)? It's kind of like the word "terrorist", or "terrorism" that was used in our face since 2001 to instill fear so that certain programs could happen and be justified. Now, instead of the "terrorism" threat, we have a health scare that is putting people on edge around the globe. What is it that this new fear tactic is covering up? What is actually going on?

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