Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Who is Monitoring the Monitors?

Does anyone reading this wish they got a giant bonus at the end of the year? Do you wish you had a contract that meant that you would receive a $100,000 bonus? Of course you do. And you would care about doing a good job...the right job if you had a contract for that dollar figure wouldn't you?!

Well, yesterday my husband was laid-off and my twenty cents a day from this blog isn't going to put food on our table. Not to give a sob story but I look at what the bonuses are for these people for the FAILING part of AIG and I just have to shake my head and go "huh?". What is wrong with this system? One big's part of the system.

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Sure, it is reported that a Republican Senator suggested that "AIG’s executives should resign or commit ritual suicide in shame over the bonus payments", but that doesn't mean that the contract wasn't already there for them to receive the bonuses in the first place. Where did the contract come from? Well, since we bailed them

Who is monitoring the monitors? I guess it us up to us to do that job.

What have you done in your spare time today? Watch TV? Play solitaire on the computer? Volunteer your time to your community or to your country?

If it wasn't the later, rethink what you are doing. It has to start somewhere and it has to start with you and I.

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