Thursday, February 5, 2009

$150 Million In Stimulus To The Honeybees?

This is an important letter that was sent to me by Senator John Cornyn, Chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

"Natasha --

The seriousness of our economic situation is no joking matter.

Which is why Republicans stuck together to block the Senate Democrats from using the Economic Stimulus Plan to pay off their special interest debts and fund wasteful programs.

But we're not in the clear yet. We need your help today to stop the Democrats from trying to force bloated, wasteful spending into a much needed stimulus proposal. Please follow this link to sign our "Stop the Waste" petition.

We need to get the economy going again and create new jobs.

But the $800 billion plan the Democrats brought to the Senate was riddled with wasteful spending and pork-barrel special interest payoffs that would have left a mountain of debt for future generations.

The Democrat plan included $70 million for super computers to research climate change, $50 million for the National Endowment for the Arts, $335 million to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, $150 million to insure honeybee farmers, and $20 million to remove fish barriers in rivers.

We need to make sure the Democrats know that Americans are tired of playing politics with our future -- by signing the "Stop the Waste" petition, you can make your voice heard.

By sticking together and standing for our principles, we've forced the Democrats to come back to the bargaining table and come up with a stimulus plan that is targeted on economic growth and jobs and that won't mortgage our future by piling up pork-barrel spending.

Now, we need to make sure the Democrats actually keep their end of the bargain.

Please help us continue our groundswell of opposition to their ideas of wasteful, bloated proposals by forwarding my email to at least five of your friends and family members.

We need stimulus for our economy, but as a taxpayer, I'm not willing to write a blank check to the Democrats in Congress and hope they'll spend it wisely.

So please help us remind the Democrats that voters are outraged by their wasteful proposals and demand a common-sense stimulus plan with spending targeted only on initiatives that will grow the economy.

The Democrats plan to act soon. Please don't delay in making your voice heard. Click here and sign our pledge today. Thank you.


Senator John Cornyn
National Republican Senatorial Committee

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tismeinaz said...

when will people get a clue. Pay now or pay later. If we don't do anything regarding infrastructure and getting off of our addiction to oil we will leave a decimated country to our descendants and it will cost more for them to clean up the mess we made and were too cowardly to fix. People don't want to pay taxes but boy do they scream when the services they use are cut. Nothing in this life is free and there are things that can't be done by individuals alone. Time for people to wake up and pay attention to the world around them. Cornyn is the last person I would be listening to. After all, he listened to DeLay, Gramm and Stanford.