Friday, January 16, 2009

America Needs Your Help!

I received the following email from a friend and found it extremely interesting and eye opening.

"Dear Friends and Family,

I have long been thinking about the direction our beloved country has taken. The Congress has a very low approval rating, yet most of these "Congressmen" have been re-elected to further the problems our country faces. Republicans and Democrats alike are to blame. However, I feel the that most of the blame lies with us, the citizens that elect our government representatives. I have also been thinking about what I can do to change the direction our country is taking, but there doesn't seem to be much just 1 person can do. This email is my effort, as small and insignificant it may be.

My purpose in writing this is NOT to push 1 political agenda or another, support 1 elected official or another, or to say 1 party is better than another. Quite frankly, I think BOTH parties suck. Most representatives should be replaced by someone who actually cares about our country, and all political agendas need to be scrutinized and reviewed by ALL the American people. I am saddened to think how apathetic people have become in regards to being informed about the country in which we live, myself included. We are quick to criticize, blame and complain about our current situations, yet very few of us are willing to act, myself included, until now. We keep electing the same old people into office, and the country is continuing the same old path of self-destruction. Perhaps we just don't know what we can do.

Well, here's my proposal and it just might work if enough people band together and get involved. It's time for the American people to hold our elected officials (local and national) accountable and let them know that they need to EARN our votes. How do we do that? We need to first be informed. We need to know what the issues are, study them, and come to educated and reasoned conclusions about what issues face our country. Secondly, we need to contact our Senators and Representatives and voice our opinions. I don't particularly think it matters who or what you support in these political games. It matters that your Congressmen realize that their voters are watching and care about what goes on in Congress. They MUST realize that their time in office is measured by how well they serve their constituents. Derek has written the Rep in our old district 2 times, and has gotten a response both times. I recently wrote to Senator Hatch and he responded to me as well. They should. If they don't, they don't deserve our vote. There are websites where you can find information on proposed bills, how your representatives voted, as well as their contact information. Here are 2 websites I found in a simple 1 minute

Google search: (you can find and contact your specific elected officials, federal, state and local on this site).

I, like many Americans, was livid when I heard that Congress was planning to give themselves a 4-5% raise. In my opinion, they don't deserve it. My opinion seems to be shared by the majority of the people indicated by their incredibly low approval rating. Our economy is tanking, people are losing jobs and houses left and right, and they have the audacity to give themselves a raise!? Why not use that money to help reduce our national deficit? So, I think we need to make them earn that raise. We are, in essence, their bosses. They don't have a job in Congress without our vote. They seem to have this attitude that we ought to thank our lucky stars that we have them -the all-wise and all-knowing- to dictate our lives. We have been told that "only government can get us out of this economic crisis." Bull. Why should they get away with suggesting that only a few select people are capable of using their brains, while the rest of us "commoners" should just sit tight an let them figure things out? I should mention that one individual (who wishes to remain anonymous) presented Rep. Rob Bishop with a problem, expressed his feelings of what the solution ought to be, Rob Bishop initiated a congressional inquiry that solved the problem based on this person's well-reasoned and well-thought out argument. (Details withheld to protect the instigator from potential repercussions) Clearly the true power lies in us. We are every bit as capable as those people in Congress to use our brains. We each have our strengths and can contribute to our society by using those strengths. It's time for the American people to dictate to Congress how we want our lives to be run.

I know most of us are busy, but we can't afford to not to be involved. We have jobs, kids, houses to care for and volunteer obligations in our churches and schools, just to name a few things that take up our time. However, if we continue our apathetic attitude, we will continue to lose freedoms, and our economy will continue this downward spiral. A few months ago (my son) told me in his sweet little voice, "Mommy, I'm hungry." I thought then that I was so grateful to have food to feed my children, that there was something I could do to help my son alleviate his hunger. I thought about how sick I would feel to hear my child cry for food, and not be able to do anything about it. We are so blessed and we ought to remember our blessings. With those blessings come responsibility. It seems that most of our Congressmen and women have forgotten by whose Hand we have been so richly blessed. Most are seeking for power, and not for the welfare of the country, and certainly not for the will of God. It's time for those of us with faith to call upon our Father in faith and act according to the inspiration we each receive. It's time to involve our Father again in the affairs of our country. We are stuck in the "Pride Cycle" and are being stirred up to remembrance of our God. Let's act and not be destroyed.

Okay, I feel better now :-P Please take the opportunities we all have to be involved. Invite your friends and neighbors to be involved as well. I think we will all be pleasantly surprised at the results.

Love you all and God bless America!"

(I have not disclosed the creator of this email for privacy reasons)

This was one of the replies to the above email.

So, does this world just go around on its own, without our involvement? Does food just wind up on your plate? Does gas just magically fill your car tank? Do clothes magically fill your closet? And, do you magically have an opportunity to practice your religion, to speak your mind, to obtain a good education, to watch TV shows you like, to listen to the music you like? No. None of these things are magic. We are going to lose these freedoms if we don't get involved in the process. I want to keep my freedoms and I want to make it so that other people can enjoy the same freedoms, so I am getting involved. Will you do the same?

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