Sunday, December 14, 2008

Support the Federal Marriage Amendment.

I know that most of my Sabbath Day posts include something very uplifting and spiritual. When you look at it, marriage is a spiritual union. Therefore, I am addressing the need for an amendment to our constitution to include a definition of marriage.

What do you feel and believe the definition of marriage to be? I believe it to be, in short, a legal union between one man and one woman.

Recently, contraversy on this subject impacted California, in particular, in a rough way. With Proposition 8 being passed, there was an uproar like never before over the issue of marriage and its definition. Those who have strong beliefs in the law of marriage and its definition fought strongly against the availability of marriage between same sex couples. In the opposite side of the ring, those who feel that the traditional definition of marriage (going back to the beginning of time) is incorrect, are fighting to change the definition to fit their chosen lifestyle.

While choice is something we all have, accountability and consequences are also something we all have. Those who choose different lifestyles need to assume that there will be consequences for their actions in many forms. We know that those who choose to have same sex relationships are not bad people. We understand that they feel strongly toward the person in which they are having a relationship. We also understand that they have made a choice to do what they are doing. Should they be given the same rights as heterosexual couples who are married?

I argue in my own thoughts about this issue. While I have a strong belief system, which includes that of the definition of marriage, I also have compassion for those who have a strong desire to be married because they are in love with someone, but who are of the same sex. I don't deny that they have a strong feeling towards one another. However, I do strongly believe that sexual relationships are only supposed to be between one man and one woman and that those who choose otherwise will have natural, spiritual, and lawful consequences.

The following are excerpts from an article regarding this topic.

Marriages and the Constitution. Why We Need an Amendment.
"The judges are now so powerful that they feel free to invent the Constitution as they move along."

"An amendment is necessary to preserve not only the social viability of marriage, but the political integrity of the Constitution."

"An amendment on marriage will go a long way toward restoring constitutional order. An amendment on marriage will not do everything that should be done to instill a proper respect for the Constitution. But it will do at least two vital things. An amendment will restore the crucial understanding that our government operates under a written Constitution. And, by forcibly demonstrating to the judges that they have gone much too far in “interpreting” the Constitution, an amendment will restore the proper balance of power between the judiciary and the representative branches of government.

1. A Constitutional amendment will restore the crucial understanding that American government operates under a written Constitution.

2. A constitutional amendment will restore the proper balance of power between the judiciary and the representative branches of government.

...the Constitution has never addressed marriage before, it should not be amended to address marriage now.

But whatever the Constitution said (or did not say) about marriage for the past 215 years, whatever the history, traditions and practices of the American people confirm (or do not confirm) about the meaning of marriage, marriage is in the Constitution. The Founders did not do it. But the courts have.

By placing marriage in the Constitution, the judges have taken marriage out of the hands of the people. The judges have done violence to the very idea of a written Constitution, have eroded legislative power, and have significantly expanded their own power. It is now up to the people, by constitutional amendment, to remedy these errors.

A constitutional amendment is needed, not only to preserve marriage, but to restore constitutional order." -- Meridian Magazine, Richard Wilkins

Contact your elected official and urge them to support the Federal Marriage Amendment. Click HERE

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Nate Peele said...

"An amendment on marriage will go a long way toward restoring constitutional order"

Exactly Natasha. There is no better way to restore Constitutional order than by changing the Constitution in this important way. The founding fathers believed in a government that didn't get involved in people's personal lives and where has that got us? The only way we can put marriage back in the hands of the people is by making an amendment controlling who can get can married to whom.