Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mormon A Great Resource

I have come upon a great resource for LDS activities and talks.

This awesome place is called Mormon Share.Com

Here, you can "Download and Share LDS Clipart, LDS Activities, LDS Object Lessons, Primary Talks, and more".

It's awesome!

To use this great resource, there is no charge. Why? It's not funded by the LDS Church. It is actually funded by the proceeds from an online store called LDS Grand.Com.

What can you find here?

"Newest Shared LDS Clipart, Graphics, and Printables
2008 Sacrament Meeting Presentation - I am a Child of God Lee-Ann shared this document, saying: "I just found your website tonight and LOVE it. I have been looking at...

Primary Newsletter - July 2 Peggy has moved on to a new calling, but she shared her last newsletter. 8.5 x 11 inches, black and white....

Boyd K. Packer's Worthy Thoughts Video Follow the link below to download a video from that can be used to teach the importance of Worthy...

Manual 3 Lesson 17 Lisa G. shared this document with beautiful images of the temple and a quote from Elray Christiansen.... " and more

"Newest Shared LDS Activity Ideas
Maricopa Cooks ( Use the name of your Ward or City where you live) Cooking can be fun,simple and...

christmas ...
Young women's Parable 10 virgins oil lamps To help the girls make sure they carry...
Teach YW pornography warning signs for dating To help protect young women from getting... " and more

There are many other items you can find for your personal and family use, and for use in your LDS calling(s).

I highly recommend using and sharing on this site!

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