Monday, October 20, 2008

Rethinking Obama. I've Been Too Hard On Him.

With the coming of a new week and with the opportunity to vote early, I am mulling over this election in my mind.

I'm giving Obama another thought, wondering if I am too hard on the poor lad.

Sure, the economy is bad. That is why the polls are so much higher for Obama. He has no ties to the economy, where McCain is a Republican and therefore, McCain must be responsible. When Obama gets elected, he'll fix the economy for sure.

So, I wondered about whether I've been too hard on Obama regarding the Ayers relationship. Is it his fault that the guy is literally his neighbor? I am sure that he never talks to his neighbors, since he has obviously been to busy organizing the community. He probably doesn't even know that Ayers purchased the other half of the lot, making Obama's half more affordable. I bet that, when Obama went next door for the fundraiser, he had no idea that he was stepping foot into Ayers' home. I'm guessing that he just thought he had been cut a lucky break when the guy next door offered to have a fundraiser to launch Obama's political campaign. He probably just said, 'Wow. This guy next door, whom I don't know at all, is willing to jump start my career and earn me some cash.". I bet he was totally excited and didn't even cross paths with Ayers the whole time he was there.

What about the contributions he has reportedly received (the top second) from Fannie Mae? Oh, that must have been a type-o. He is going to fix the economy, so he must have nothing to do with the down-swing of the nation's economy. He isn't a Republican. Obama is a Democrat, which means he had nothing to do with anything along the lines of the bombing economy and the lack of cash in our pocketbooks. He has tons of wonderful programs that the government is going to take charge of for us. Surely, the money for those programs will come from some magic place and we won't have to pay for it out of our earnings. His idea to have much of our society taken over by the government sounds so great. The government never screws anything up.

Obama has nothing to do with the war in Iraq. After all, he is a Democrat. Of course, he made a mistake when he initially voted for the war. The poor guy. Things just happen. It's not because of anything he has done. He wouldn't vote for anything like the war in Iraq. When Obama becomes President, his desire to yank the U.S. out of Iraq is so perfect. So what if Iraq collapses under it's own government.

I think it would be great to have dialog with Iran. When Amademajad says that the U.S. and Israel should be wiped off the map, Obama should just talk.

'So sorry that you feel that way, Amademajad. Let's talk it over and find out if this rage comes from your relationship with your father.'

When Amademajad says that the Holocaust never happened and that the Jews made it up, Obama should just discuss it. What is the problem in that? When Amademajad says that the U.S. should be bombed with a nuclear bomb, Obama should just assume that he is having a bad day, go get him a cup of coffee and talk. After all, he is human and he will feel better about things once he has been able to talk them out. Yes, Obama's desire to have diplomatic discussions with Amademajad is so realistic and reasonable.

I admire Obama's desire to be Christian. Wright must be getting the shaft when people are discussing his views. Being Christ-like is a tricky thing. Of course, Wright never taught that being Christian means that you can be racist. Why would Obama sit and listen to that council. Wright must be teaching the correct views on Christianity. Obama certainly wouldn't tie himself with anyone who taught incorrect things about 9/11. I sure do admire someone who is acting like a true Christian.

I think that I've been too hard on Obama for sure. I know who I'm going to vote for now that I have mulled it over.

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